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  1. Roberto Wembley

    When was this game?

  2. 21JulioJonesMahomes21

    3:11 deion moving on that sideline

  3. Manuel Escalera

    So his sons aren’t eligible for this year?

  4. 10toe ken

    Good game

  5. David Connor

    I'ma need my people to get the quality of this feed together. SMH.

  6. Kama O Skivi

    This dude grew up like Michael without the money the rumors and all dat! Hhh

  7. Keno Noke

    U see primetime trying to keep up lol

  8. Evan Pate

    Did Keyshawn really ask that like Bridgewater wasnt TRAAAAAASH last year

  9. Robert Hudson

    Sanders is off to a great start, but only making 3 of 5 PAT will eventually be a problem.

    1. Roderick Longino

      It is a big issue!!! It will be fixed by fall... Trust me!!

  10. Bird Gang

    Such a beautiful human being, you can tell he was meant to work with kids

  11. Mr ME

    “Whoever is reading this, God bless you and your whole family!

  12. COVID-19 Coronavirus

    5:19 Mississippi vs Louisana "how you like dat!!!!!!. Whateva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" funny as $hit

  13. Tayshaun Morris

    I need a Jackson State jersey, lol.


    Great JOB

  15. Jay Harris

    Good game guys congratulations on the win

  16. Lance Tanui

    Lmao both teams fumbled at the line what a game

    1. Corey Gray

      the fumble on Jackson State was very inconclusive so they went with the call on the field but I was there and it was definitely a touchdown lol

  17. Alex Fischbach

    Mac Jones in a Kyle Shanahan offense makes no sense.

  18. Marcel Miller

    It's two games. Once it gets to hard he'll take the money and quit just like he did with Washington

    1. Corey Gray

      @joshua watts bro his recruiting class isn't going to change their mind trust me bro i go to Jackson state. Also why u talking down on Jackson State bro stay up in the SEC lol

    2. joshua watts

      @Count Up dolphins quit on saban when they didn’t let him bring in brees

    3. joshua watts

      @Marcel Miller they will get plenty of national attention playing for Deion sanders. A 4 star qb is going to play there (Deion’s son doubt he will change his mind) Jackson state will be dominating fcs for the next few years

    4. Count Up

      Similar to how Saban quit on the Dolphins?

    5. Marcel Miller

      @joshua watts they can change their minds

  19. tristancameron4

    Yess sir

  20. Chris Brown

    J State about to take the SWAC once again.

    1. tristancameron4

      Lucky Alcorn not playing tho

  21. Justin Nguyen


  22. DJVizkiller

    Let’s relax on the comparisons...

  23. Greg DaGawd

    If he's those 3 combined he's the best qb of all time. Let the dude play a NFL game

  24. AtrHoliday

    Love our helmet but hate those stupid pride stickers

  25. Glenn Gadson

    It’s fun seeing an Omega and a Kappa debate

  26. strawdog *80*

    why are they playin now?

  27. Christopher Pham

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  28. Rebel Rouser

    Fields is the highest risk. I predict he will be a huge bust. Jones and Lawrence are the safest bets

    1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

      It the system and how it is not always the qb

    2. Mitchell Goldschmidt

      @Brett K why cuase he a buckeye cuase of the past it all about the system not the qb about how the system for them

    3. Brett K

      Solid! They were correct Lance and Fields are worst of the five to succeed.

  29. boldtaa

    Trey Lance made a good decision if he truly believes he’s an NFL QB. Sam Bradford got the last mega deal for first round picks. Now players get the big pay day in their second contracts. Being the first pick is cool but you’re also going to the worst team in the league. I think Trey would much rather be drafted by the likes of the Patriots, or the Niners rather than the Jags.

  30. someone

    What a sad rose bowl. 2016 and 2017 gave us all time great sports games, 2018 was ok, 2019 was pretty good, and then this.

  31. Mandy Manning

    dude Maryland could beat both these teams

  32. Rinnegan Phil

    Key is clearly just a hater how can you not justify Tim Tebow? 😐 you can put Cam on there but not Tim Tebow?

  33. Ill lLlLl

    Auburn really doesn't fair well against Big Ten teams.

  34. Bruce Rivers

    Cam Newton is the greatest CFB QB ever. What he was able to do with the talent on his team was amazing.

  35. R Thompson

    As a jets fan, I want no part of zach Wilson.. none. 6'1 205 playing vs no competition coming off hand nd shoulder surgeries.. IN COLLEGE!.. nd u gunna draft him at 2 nd put him behind an offensive line that's a work in progress? Good luck. Zach wilson elevating to #2 overall talk out of nowhere is nothing but black qb bias

    1. Erick Gracia

      Jets fan here - Well said! He was a nobody last year......Imagine if Fields played at BYU- what do you think his stats would be?! Trey lance plays the same competition with better stats and size.

  36. Leapheng LENG

    Many analysts and scouts are so high on Zach Wilson. I watch his highlights and some of his games, he got potential for sure. The arm strength scramble pocket feed and everything look alot like Patrick Mahomes, but remember he's only had one good season in his resume. I know many people might say same as Patrick Mahomes. But that's not guaranteed that Zach Wilson gonna be like Patrick Mahomes. Outside of Trevor Lawrence, I don't believe any hype surround all QBs in that draft. If you have a chance to get Trevor Lawrence, you pick him over Sam Darnold all days all nights all years. If not, I'll stick with Sam.

  37. Patrick Shelton

    Didn't he get badly injured?

  38. Musante Porter

    It’s just Ohio State/Justin Fields disrespect at this point. He had two bad games in his whole career, which came from this season (COVID, and he didn’t have Olave his number one target in one of those games) But going into the season it was 1 & 1A between him and Lawrence. Analysts are a joke

    1. Brett K

      Yeah, come back to this in a year and lets talk about how him then. I think he is elite level bust but maybe you right.

    2. onlymccc

      Let me talk we all know Fields is QB1

  39. Drino Zhao

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  40. Tales From a African

    Of course they all chose the black quarterbacks

  41. T-race Yt

    That one handed pick was nasty 0:25

  42. Bama

    I'm gonna win next year too!

  43. Indy94445

    don't listen to tannebaum the guy has no credibility when it comes to evaluating nfl talent. he's a bean counter not a talent scout.

  44. Joe Campione

    All of them 5%of QBs drafted in the 1st round become elite.This includes Lawrence who needs a system and talent around him

  45. Tom Blount

    Clearly the best QB to ever play at Bama.

  46. Elsa Jean

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  47. You Tuber

    W - Assalley L - Dicker

  48. thomas gamble

    Class act...thank you for playing for the Crimson Tide!

  49. Chris Lane

    osu was never close to slowing Alabama down. Complete domination by the Alabama offense.

  50. Ayodamola Ajala

    Fields might not be the best QB in this draft but everyone is looking at his bad tape against northwestern and indiana . I am surprised that no one is looking at him playing great defenses in the 2019 season . Judge a man on his worst games

    1. Jules Regimbald

      Facts and hE StArEs HiS ReAD is dumb, the offensive system is like that and he has CO2 and Wilson as his receivers, he knows they are gonna get open. They said the same about Herbs and he is fantastic

  51. Wayne A. W.

    Painting By Numbers In Twenty (20) Minutes: Collegiate QB Rankings Based on 3-Year Sample Size: Trevor Lawrence (2018-2020, Clemson): 90 TD, 17 INT - CFP National Championship Winner, Freshman Year (2018) Mac Jones (2018-2020, Alabama): 56 TD, 7 INT - CFP National Championship Winner, Junior Year (2020) Justin Fields (2018-2020, Ohio State): 67 TD, 9 INT - CFP National Championship Loser, Junior Year (2020) Zach Wilson (2018-2020, BYU): 56 TD, 15 INT - Boca Raton Bowl Winner, Junior Year (2020) Trey Lance (2018-2020, NDS): 30 TD, 1 INT - FCS Championship Winner, Sophomore Year (2019) The Collegiate Conference played in must be taken into consideration, which highlights QB play versus ranked defenses. Hereof, within these parameters, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance should not be drafted in Round 1. Projections for NFL Draft 2021: No.1 Trevor Lawrence, No.2 Mac Jones; No.3 Justin Fields. Other QBs to consider by Rank/3-Year Sample Size: Sam Ehlinger (2017-2020, Texas): 94 TD, 27 INT Sam Howell (2019-2020, North Carolina): 68 TD, 14 INT Brock Purdy (2018-2020, Iowa State): 62 TD, 25 INT Kedon Slovis (2019-2020, USC): 47 TD, 16 INT Tanner Morgan (2018-2020, Minnesota): 46 TD, 18 INT Jamie Newman (2017-2019, Wake Forest): 35 TD, 16 INT

    1. Brett K

      Can I please draft Sam Howell out of all those choices is he available haha

    2. Peyton Ajones

      Sam is no where near Howell level

  52. Jay Alston

    It won't be a shock when he's not great. And... the NFL & college are different atmospheres. Playing on a team that's loaded (unlimited 4 & 5 stars) against scrubs then going to a Scrub team to play against talent - guess we'll see.

  53. javier book shadows contributor du

    49th comment

  54. Patrick Cardoso

    The Jets are now the 49ers of the East Coast

  55. Original One

    I don't understand any team taking a QB if they don't need it

  56. Anthony Lee

    This didn't age well...😅

  57. Lemar Krawitz

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    If fields goes to Carolina the nfc in trouble

  59. Dabray Rudolph

    Mac Jones is the smartest Qb in the draft

  60. Hassan Saleh

    Wilson and Lawrence the only ones worthy of a top 10 pick

    1. LardGreystoke

      Fields beat Lawrence easily this year and was on the point of doing it last year if his receiver hadn't broken off a clean route. And he was hurt both games. But the question about his creativity under pressure is valid.

    2. LarryKing

      theres like 6 qbs with elite traits (not saying theyre elite they just show some traits that are) so there should definately be more than 2 in the top 10.

    3. Steph Okoye

      I’d say 4 are worth top 10 but Lawrence the only must take unless u have a dire need at QB

    4. Isaac Adkins

      Wow seems like you formed your opinion based on the latest opinions of ESPN analyst. Your so smart.

    5. Alex Hatchell

      Ur a clown bud you know nothing about football

  61. Sharrybay Thompson

    finally someone giving Justin Fields some love

    1. Keihatsu NYC

      @Sharrybay Thompson they were all in small schools facing big name schools with all the recruits. They never had the top 10 receivers. They always had small windows to throw through in college. Justin played for a great school and played poorly against both good and bad competition 😂

    2. Sharrybay Thompson

      ​@Keihatsu NYC oh just like how Brady, Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Russel Wilson, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson etc didnt win championships? And you're saying "he didnt even win a champion" as if thats easy or as if thats the standard. He's only lost 2 games in a power 5 conference, not many college QBs can say that...you sound dumb af

    3. Keihatsu NYC

      @Sharrybay Thompson bruh, he didn’t even win a championship for his team 😂 y’all are delusional.

    4. Keihatsu NYC

      @Sharrybay Thompson please stfu, you don’t even know me to speak on what I thought of other QBs. And why are you bringing up other people when we are talking about Justin. He is okay, you’ll see what I mean in a few

    5. Sharrybay Thompson

      @Keihatsu NYC all of you so called experts doubted Watson. And how can u say Fields is okay after having the the career he had in college?

  62. Cohen McDonald

    “The quarterbacks knee was down”

  63. just me



    The Justin Fields take was so bad bro...

    1. Brett K

      @Steph Okoye It just shows how bad the majority of people are at evaluating talent I just had to watch 3 or 4 games and saw major flaws in his game. Why so many teams waste high draft picks on these QB busts every single year! I get QB most important position on a team with offensive line positions as whole probably being second just man you can take top ELITE players at other positions instead your better off waiting for someone like Desean Watson to want new team and trade multiple picks for that instead of wasting multiple first round picks on your bust QBS!

    2. Steph Okoye

      @onlymccc Didn’t say highlights, I said games but reading is probably hard for someone who thinks Fields goes through progressions better than T-Law

    3. onlymccc

      @Steph Okoye Didn’t know you could see how frequently qbs go through progressions by watching highlights on ARdevs

    4. Steph Okoye

      @onlymccc “dO yOuR rEseArCh”🤣🤣🤣 Like why say something this stupid like all the games aren’t on ARdevs?😭🤦🏾‍♂️

    5. onlymccc

      @Steph Okoye Justin fields went to his third read more frequently than Lawrence this year, do your research

  65. SpiritofE

    Johnny Manziel

  66. ACE

    I think I know Deion Sanders&Co.. End Game and I pray that they succeed and change HBCU's and NCAA football forever

  67. Chris Wincek

    He's more likely to be a bust. He has no consistency.

    1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

      He better than u though

    2. Sharrybay Thompson

      @Chris Wincek ive watched every single game, and the stats say otherwise.

    3. Chris Wincek

      Also, word of advice. Try to not make it so obvious that you're Big10 fans and watch glorified HS football.

    4. Chris Wincek

      @Sharrybay Thompson you clearly haven't watched the actual games. He's inconsistent and at times needs the defense or running game to bail him out. He shouldn't have the problems he does at this stage in his career. He cant read the field now he won't be able to in the NFL.

    5. Chris Wincek

      @Famous dre they typically dont struggle like he does when it's a good team. He can't read the field. He's been overrated his entire career

  68. nekopii

    Yall. The onion ninjas at it again.

  69. Russ Cron Sr.

    I'm a die hard Mia fan of 40 plus yrs & I'm praying they don't over think the pick @ 3...Stay put, Take Pitts,don't look back & or care what any1 else thinks cuz he is that good!

  70. Titan Segundera 2.0

    Hillarious: who should be number #1 Pick of the NFL Draft later this year?

  71. Jabari McBride

    The NY Jets need to go get Davonta SMith WR frm Alabama and with that 2nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and with that 23rd pick if Najee Harris is there hes the pick

    1. R Thompson

      Probably the worst post I've ever read. Investing a 1st round pick in a RB is almost as ridiculous as drafting a wr with no1 to throw to him. All this after the jets used a 3rd round pick on a rb last year and have many other needs than RB. CB nd pass rusher come to mind

    2. troy poisson

      Ja'Marr Chase is better though

  72. Jabari McBride

    Yes because Sam Darnold has had a stable environment with the front office GM,HC, or any IMPACT players or a defense

  73. Bill Turner

    Mr. Heisman

  74. George Liveris


  75. Travis Rehder

    I See Fly Eagles Fly 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

    1. Roman Torres

      so you want him Over jamar chase????? 💀

  76. Richard Kulig

    Trey Lance No question Jones is a sleeper pick

  77. DawgDaze27

    All of them

  78. Andrew Campbell

    Draft Fields already!!

  79. Christian Tuttle

    Mac Jones had Devanta Smith, and better coaching. Zach Wilson didn’t play any defenses good enough to take away #1 and #2. Get off of Fields’ back

    1. Brandon

      @Christian Tuttle Wilson had 43 Rec, 723 YDs and 6 TDs in 8 games. Tf you mean Olave was his only weapon?

    2. Brandon

      @Mike94 Waddle didn’t even play half the season. He got hurt on the first play of the 5th game out of 13. Fields had Olave and Wilson all year. Ohio States offensive line was better than every team they played besides when they played Alabama. Did you see how they manhandled Clemson? No matter how it is sliced, both Fields and Jones had the best weapons around them, but I have still yet to hear a word about all the NFL talent up and down Ohio State’s roster.

    3. Christian Tuttle

      @Brandon just because your the number 1 recruit doesn’t mean you’ll pan out in college like waddle and Smith did. Olave was his only real weapon

    4. Mike94

      @Brandon olave and Wilson is nowhere near the level of smith and waddle also the bama oline eats the Ohio state oline you put Mac in Ohio state I don’t think you have the same production. I hope they both do well in the league though.

    5. Brandon

      Justin Fields had Chris Olave AND Garrett Wilson. Two first rounders. Throw in the #1 overall recruit in the 2020 class also. If you want to knock Mac for his weapons, you have to apply the same logic to Justin Fields

  80. Christopher Woodard

    I have Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr shook I try to tell him it's a science to it they have their ego in the way Justin fields and Trey Lance first two quarterbacks pick