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  1. Yuare Maycock

    The balloon pop

  2. Yuare Maycock


  3. Raia


  4. AhoyStrangers


  5. Jose Hugo


  6. Crazykitty bbykitty

    What did you put in it

  7. Jose Hugo


  8. erikas_errikk1

    Worms bro

  9. Only one

    laziness is just clever efficiency

  10. Crystal Tang

    Hahahahahaha 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  11. Gizmo El Mogwai

    Me da risa pensar como grabó eso

  12. Josef Lindinger

    Hey ich verstehe nicht was dir an diesem Video findet weil es ist nur ein Mann mit einem Skateboard Warum gibt Kirin so viel likes Alter

  13. Hercules Fonseca

    N sei que mais idiota esse cara ou eu que perdi meu tempo sabendo que n ia bater no carro

  14. killroyReborn

    Gmod IRL

  15. Donte Henry

    It got me

  16. Lilima priyadarshani Panda

    Didn't happen anything

  17. 3197

    He’s the kind of guy that closes the kitchen drawer with his hip


    콜라가 더 있어야함

  19. Dan Randall

    It's cos of the outside pressure

  20. Abril Soriano

    Jajajaja jajajaja xb

  21. Evelyn Ianni

    hey Jesus is coming back, he love you ,go to him!!

  22. Samridhi Shrestha

    Who is this

  23. LegendZ True?

    My crush said "Lmao Thank You! 😂♥️

  24. E Gray

    Thank you. Everyone needed this 🙁

  25. Scooter INDEPENDEN


  26. Silvia Vera

    Me encanta tu mansión

  27. regul8or

    Hmmmm......Pretty quick Police response......

  28. Никита Брусницын

    Bomb has been defused

  29. Aris Setyarini


  30. Cooke Animations

    He's the type of guy to use his phone flashlight to find his phone

  31. Alyssce Te Huna

    You can go now and see what happens and you will get the best way

  32. C B


  33. John Melon

    If was underwater when that went off he would come up saying "what I cant hear anything wtf?"

  34. Xi-tler

    Thanks god these pranksters were white.. No hard feelings...

  35. enderman

    That is a very nice house

  36. Marla Giseth Cervantes Diaz

    Yo : aquel oras va caer Mi amigo : te va a caer a ti

  37. Balu Guguloth

    I finally got the laziest person than me

  38. Gaming Channel


  39. Nathan Ogus

    that’s smart

  40. Beatlejuices slave

    This is so real omg 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣 and omg so funny 🤪

  41. adam fakhrullah

    in malaysia, we call this kind of guy "jakun bodo"

  42. Raia


  43. Vinali mahadik

    U guys are so handsome

  44. Rr خالد معجب أحمد المقاطع حلو


  45. 『RonnieRaijin』

    He’s the kinda guy to watch a geyser then say, “EXPLOSION?”

  46. golf eee


  47. Pony addict

    Who else didn’t think it was slowed down the first time watching it



  49. SXBمن جولي شك

    قلبي وقف 😰💔اول عربي✌🏻😹😹

  50. Julie L

    Yay Dean! Love him

  51. Sajidah Zamri

    Hahah the boy scream was perfect 😅😅😂😂😂

  52. Barbiibay

    this is not funny and so cringe

  53. Yesica Perez

    I 😊 the videos is lcool

  54. isa martin


  55. muhammad rafasya


  56. Fabled Aries

    What do you mean how every asian guy can do that

  57. shiplabi

    The mask is so bad

  58. Keith Wright

    JoJo keep it together.

  59. Keith Wright

    JoJo keep it together.

  60. Pee Rinthong


  61. ryhanna e dhyenne lima


  62. Madelleine Anchundia


  63. Ramsés Ivan Ramos Real

    Llevaba 2 días sin reírme ahora son 3

  64. Abo Flah


  65. Rumbidzai Nyangani

    Love you and yo videos JoJo

  66. 3wik hnnmhvg


  67. Carlos Augusto

    Mano vc e rico não e mais facil contratar uma empregada

  68. Tj Alexander

    Guys what he is doing is not even that big its just entertaining so why yall getting so mad about it

  69. C B


  70. Keith Wright

    Did anybody see the hundred dollars sitting there or was that a Prop

  71. Aiden Facey

    He has defeated the box

  72. natalie brown

    You who

  73. Amanda Boeira da Silva

    Falei que era essa vez😅🤔🤪😁

  74. Ana Sousa

    isaac e

    1. Ana Sousa


  75. just chillin

    Almost tazed that black bin ah nevermind it was a gun

  76. Drawhy

    Today it's suicide

  77. E At

    He's the kind of guy who thinks the earth is flat