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  1. GCustomz

    give me 1 hour in this house and after that i wont ask for anything

  2. TejooDeep Kesari

    Bro i want ps5

  3. DD's gaming

    this if for machel and zack in the rock paper scissors zach said i think that is 8 laps and i was counting and machel had to do seven

  4. Mace CJX

    I would probably finish those gumballs in a weak

  5. Aldrin M Thomas 6A

    Hi Zhc Crafts

  6. Chloe Lam

    I like most of your ZHC team has die their hair

  7. Mumaiza Maisa

    Hi fellows!!

  8. Rod Aaron Cueto

    I thought michelles was a cake


    Success is not money it's being a good,kind person in life that is why I think ZHC is the most successful man

  10. Lowegie Mendez

    super fast build mode!

  11. Robbie Ruthig

    This video has officially ruined my liking of gum.

  12. Arguz Casupang

    I wanna join those challenges, because of the workout that the players must do lol

  13. Cole Schofield

    jake should have won

  14. Nicole Di Masi


  15. honey comb

    I just noticed that zach is not blowing gum it's a balloon

  16. VictiniGamer9

    Zhc! On the biggest ps5 Gawx Art said to do the biggest croc and but their name and my name on it pls

  17. tanya liu

    doing challenges with zach is a workout

  18. Fiona Wrangler

    How was your jaw guys?????does it hurt?

  19. Shannon Memory

    hi i love you

  20. Eshaan Saini

    🤢🤮 fish oil

  21. Niyongabo Prince

    McKenzie should have wo this one

  22. Fiona Wrangler

    Gross yet amazing artwork😂

  23. Shubhpreet Kaur

    Is it weird that jaz looks like Charli damelio

  24. Harris Conk

    I think he used GoodTimesWithScars superfast build mode as timeliapse music

  25. Fiona Wrangler

    My mouth be like:🤤


    Zachh i live in virginia how long does my turkey take to come ??? 😭😭

  27. Paul Pleshek

    Are you teenagers or adults

  28. Proplays12

    3:46 pls dont be rude to me i drink fish oil when im sick

  29. Nadrin Vlogs


  30. Angel and John

    It's so good video

  31. Snake_darts

    i cant watch this part 6:00

  32. dawtku nu

    Can you give me a iPhone 12 pls and customize it with a dragon plssss

  33. Katherine Nadin

    Its CRAZY how talented these guys are...I keep trying to draw but its never comes out good


    Jake be like: grogu i am.

  35. exavia king

    Their poor teeth

  36. shelby number2

    I'm never eating gum again ewwww I almost trow up

  37. THE GIO

    I liked makcenzies most

  38. Tabassum Naseem

    0:50 me trying to blow a bubble with bubblegum

  39. Saf

    meanwhile me watching while eating:noice

  40. Dragon fusion

    Izzy is litterally female Karl

  41. Butterfly Queen

    It's all the gum for me ☺love your videos btw 🎉💖

  42. Pacmanqwerty


  43. PhoneKyiPhyu Mg

    I’m 39000th like >:D

  44. lakshika diy

    I love izzy 's outfit :)

  45. paola rivera

    omg i hope i get picked i love u guys so much

  46. sze wai Li

    Yay viv finally won I’m gonna subscribe to her I would smash that sub button

  47. Akta Dosaya

    Mackenzie did the best but

  48. Fantasi Of White

    Hello Mister ZHC,my name is White I'm from Indonesian.I challenging you to eat indomie hype abis(noodle) and make it a video pls.If you make it I subscribe to you

  49. Annies gaming legend

    I subscribed and liked and well done jaz and I hope you win many more challenges bye

  50. Chema Flores

    Izzy Is cute

  51. Catherine Tania

    It would be good if he does a 'day in my life vlog'

  52. Tini Tran


  53. Tini Tran

    omg Jake lol 2:25

  54. Roland Deodath

    *Zach* when i'm bored i'll buy a new house no a car no 100000 gumballs

  55. Aija Gecko

    me eating fish oil every day

  56. Lord Ali


  57. Benny g

    I am a big fan

  58. abdullah rizwan

    ewww why m i watching

  59. Benny g

    I am a big fann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. paola rivera

    this one is so funny

  61. Freddie Aitchison

    Jake should've won

  62. Isabella Straight

    That's, not fair McKenzie should have won you have no taste in art.

  63. Brigita Bosnjak

    Jake's was better

  64. Nicholas Parcheta

    5:56 anyone recognizes that music from #Goodtimeswithscar?

  65. Anvi Agarwal

    pls do best slime art wins something

  66. ONE trims

    i subscrlbed era

  67. Anant Gamer

    Hey mr.beast why did you changed logo

  68. The mistic storm

    Mekinzie definitely won

  69. Fart Gamez

    i enjoy so i subscribeed and liked :)

  70. Alex Cahill

    I still think Mackenzie should have on

  71. • ItzJustKatie •

    This makes me unsub mckenzie should of won.

  72. Pikachoovoo 25

    Where's Viv?

  73. walter_does_stuff AWESOME!!!

  74. Nadrin Vlogs

    4:17 Happy to Ugh

  75. M Dhobah

    Who actually thought something went wrong with their device at 8:57?

  76. Isla Rose Hall

    Yes, I do the same thing when I’m bored 😅

  77. Kelly Svendsen

    I know you’re not gonna see this comment but if you do I love your videos keep up the good work

  78. Kate Adolacion

    Viv's voice is so cutee!😍😘😘💖💕

  79. Oscar Reynoso

    i have to swallow fish oil when im sick

  80. Maxwell Pitassi

    plz me i am subbed and the bell