Official ARdevs channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

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  1. Bailey Jorgensen

    I hate how Jason and David started this together and now Jason isn’t even in the shot. It seems like Jason is only there to help with that ads. idk it’s just sad.

  2. Tressa Barnett

    Working in the tech startup scene in Austin for 20 years, I knew I heard of an app similar to “Dispo” before and sure enough had’s called Gudak Cam. They have the same exact POC with some tweaks and they flopped. 🥸

  3. S L

    Jump ship Jason before it’s too late! Your great on your own you don’t need to be David shadow.

  4. Madison Barlow

    Madison Beer annoys me.

  5. Vy Pie

    Loose the suit Jase!

  6. Bryce dunne

    This is what David rejected?

  7. Mya Harper

    i love the stickers on your laptop!! the stitch one is my favorite 😍

  8. Alex Wang

    How many likes on this comment for me to be on the podcast

  9. Vivica George


  10. isa not lisa

    the vlog squads favorite songs is Toxic by Britney Spears

  11. laura Conn


  12. laura Conn


  13. Liza X

    JUSTICE 4 $3TH

  14. Ruwaid syed02

    Someone like a sheek? My man wants some kabab

  15. Rodrigo López

    Honestly at this point is just the David Dobrik podcast Jason is just in it

  16. Sarah Lu

    wow-thinking that it's funny to pull a prank on someone without actually realizing or thinking that it might be traumatizing later on is honestly um *immature* :)

  17. Josef Svoboda

    I love how people are pissed over video that was like decade ago... Get your shit together and leave or just let him be. It’s none of your f***** bussines

  18. milly

    looks like David officially sold out

  19. Kimberly Robinson

    I love his background decor 🤣 He has Groot, who he wishes he was, and Stitch on his laptop. Stitch is more appropriate because David is a bull in a china shop.

  20. Noura

    26 : 58 WHEN DID LIZA KISS SOMEONE ELSE ?! And who did she kiss ?

  21. Cloe Young

    I Stan David 🥺

  22. balachandran k


  23. balachandran k


  24. TheHeeckster

    Hate to plug it but if you wanna laugh check out my podcast "Frosty and TheHeeckster" I do with a buddy of mine you won't be disappointed

  25. moeller013

    Is jason just there for the ad reads? How sad lol

  26. Mobile Gamz


  27. Criiinge Worthyyy

    I typed in the commercial to the search bar nd Dobrik autocorrected to sobriety😂

  28. Matt

    Really wonder how many og listeners stopped listening to this shit podcast. I haven’t watched a single one just came here to dislike

  29. Matt

    I fucking hate this side of David. This is his Instagram persona with the fake laugh. I never liked David but I loved the people around him who made him successful. Jason deserves better and I hope Jason doesn’t just settle for the 30 percent cash and actually tries to fulfill his potential. Jason’s one of the funniest people on the internet

  30. Matt

    I fucking hate how Jason just let’s David push him around. Jason made David who he is and made the podcast. Jason should leave if David wants to have his little talk show gig

  31. Moos1005

    35:54 sometimes David makes it really difficult for us to believe that he isn't gay and has a secret crush on Todd 😂

  32. Sarah Estorñell Cuenca

    Makes sense that Diplo is there

  33. Erica TV

    This is so not a good podcast. I prefer frenemies!!!!!!!!! FRENEMIES! FRENEMIES! FRENEMIES! FRENEMIES! FRENEMIES! FRENEMIES!

  34. Riley Chikhfsfuofdicicidwadh

    You guys need absolutely canceled

  35. anamay singh

    why am i even yes i came to take jason along with man you dont deserve this shit

  36. Raul Bustillo

    People trying to cancel David are the same people who think family guy and South Park are too “offensive” 😂 I love David

    1. belle

      No. we’re not the problem you are.

  37. Christi Mouton

    Tbh I liked his content more when David was behind the camera.. It's so off now. Especially because his ego shines through so much more and he's actually not that likeable. It's like I can see through his charismatic persona and he seems like such a narcissistic person. Also, stop with these comments I'm tired of liking all of them. 😂

  38. M0M0N3K0 Official

    u can tel how afraid DD is now :> pls satisfy ur fans.... the more u hide it.. it wont go away.. u probably trying to find more proof of ur innocent.. pls dav.. dont ask someone to speak for u :< ..

  39. Sierra Pepin

    Dip - where’s Joji?

  40. Dena Serna

    Since you have no problem with encouraging your stands to send hate towards your victims why all the comments deleting?

  41. Dilly Bar

    Davey and Madison want to try it they just don’t want to hurt each other tho

  42. Abyss 195

    no cap, i want more jason

  43. Cassidy De Guzman

    owa owa

  44. Djalil Derr

    Jason is a backup camera

  45. Dena Serna

    I hate you

  46. Dena Serna

    You remind me so much of my abusers

  47. Dena Serna

    You are a coward are you not?

  48. amelie bouchard


  49. Dawn Maria

    This is so boring compared to Frenemies.

  50. Rafae Ahmad

    Jason should have proper co-hosting duties. The video podcast have got that wrong. Jason is not even in the frame most of podcast. Fix this!!!

  51. Karan Dev Arora

    "I don't like beer" -David Dobrik

  52. Zach Landon

    Wish they'd keep the guests longer and drop the cuts

  53. Mia Read

    I wish Jason spoke more in the interview the cool thing about this podcast is the difference in perspective between the two. We lost that in this interview. It would have been great to see what question Jason would have had for diplo and Dillon

  54. dominick lucido

    Aww a bunch of white guys who like young girls

  55. JDoesodd

    I got news for all the haters. David dobrik is a hard working artist and you will never be able to cancel him. And as long as he is not canceled you will never cancel the ones associated with him 😂 😂 😂 😂 so give up and just stop. It wont work hahaa

    1. R S

      name one artistic thing he’s done

  56. dominick lucido

    Talk about the shitty puzzles!

  57. Mellow Mellow

    Improve your ad game dude. THats the weirdest, laziest and most boring way you can try to advertise a product.

  58. Tiff Ruiz

    We want more Jason

  59. Jaxon Hammond

    you need to post vlogs agian

  60. Rachel Rae

    My brother, who was killed by a drunk driver, used to attend the rainbow gatherings every time they happened. He was a homeless hitchhiker hippie who was the freest soul I ever met. Hearing Diplo talk about the rainbow gatherings literally brought me to tears of happiness. I have NEVER heard of anyone talking about it except my brother and the people he used to travel with. The first 5 minutes of this just made my absolute day, thank you for uploading this and bringing me some happiness ❤️❤️

  61. GreenCODfish

    David you have to do a show called the vloffice! Set it up like the show the office!

  62. David Pain

    TBH Natalie gained weight lately and a pregnancy seemed more likely than a sports illustrated shooting :S #NOFRONT

  63. Mcdenver Fernandez

    More reason to dislike david... why TF did you want jason there for to just laugh. Get your own podcast Jason, I’ll listen to it

  64. tune91

    Just downloaded sounds like an Awesome idea!!

  65. 11RossLeronX

    Feature Brent River next pls

  66. Jorden

    C o w a r d

  67. hacker IV

    I didn't know Diplo was this chill

  68. Saad Hussain

    No one: Diplo:

  69. Jose Otanez

    Question for David... did you find the mayonnaise ?

  70. Crystal clear

    No, just no!!!! So shallow and will never be better than Liza! He deserves so much better than this fake POS! True colors will show, and she'll fade soon enough!!!

  71. Tater Tott

    24 & 47 🤨😮🤢🤮

  72. Jade N.

    Forgot Jason was even there while watching this... This has become all about David.

  73. A D

    Ese ese ese David is a threat to society

    1. Dion Yates


  74. JasmineJazNguyen

    ugh really not a fan of these new podcasts :( miss the close intimate talks just between him and Jason . These guests ARENT it :(

  75. Alchemist c12

    Love the podcast

  76. sneakysealpup TV

    Justice for $3th and I spell it that way because I know you've been deleting comments 😬🤡

  77. Anthony Diaz


  78. Abel Pedraza

    Its coming!!

  79. raven lewis

    It’s the Lemony Snicket series for me. 🥺🥺

  80. Shannon

    Oh this isn’t cancelled yet... 🤭😂