I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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  1. Exotik Gamez

    “I can’t really say their names out loud or isis will find out who I am and hunt me down” yeah but you’ll come out alive because technoblade never dies

  2. GammaHunter

    Plot twist: Floof was the one who threw the box

  3. Lunatic Cultist

    In the end I thought he said more animal abuse

  4. cyberclops 22

    Techno u should do a hardcore series

  5. superkelp

    This happens when somone plays bed wars and sky wars all the time they become a master at mInecraft

  6. 2Shialuta0 T

    Anyone else getting Spanish commercials on here lol?

  7. The Longest Name

    When your so good at being number one that you can beat yourself

  8. thewhat


  9. N_S09


  10. the youngest child

    I have watched this video how many times well last see.........oh 13 times ok welp-

  11. yash thakur 8 C

    Thumbnail 👀

  12. Tadhg Fitz

    How did techno not get cancelled

  13. TheSpicyveggies

    haha technoooooooooooooooooooooo ur voiceeeee u sound like purpled :D

  14. Pigs Cows

    I’m 16 000 th coment

  15. Swift Swaft


  16. EP M

    Techno Blade acting he does not know how to play skyblock: Techno Blade played skyblock before:ill make a vid and act that I don't know how to play

  17. ??????

    Stop making fun of techno bc he did not get 4 kills he might die we don’t so he helping and his friends are stealing his kills for fun

  18. NItforce gaming

    Texhno: PAPER CHALLENGE NOOOOOOOooooooo..... NZ players: First time?

  19. Artscedoodle

    Me in school just learning rhetoric thinking “when am I going to ever use this?”

  20. Kingj

    15 seconds but k

  21. Bina Ortuno

    How do I still not know how he looks like-

  22. IbrahimMohammad 1196

    that thumbnail

  23. shannon uwu

    ARdevs: “hey techno I know your don’t do it for the rewards.” techno: “shut up I do it for the rewards”

  24. pog

    okay but if Techno just open his camera while live streaming, i would .. nvm, i wished he's more thicker 😩

  25. enderdemon 8256


  26. David Lander


  27. Caden Campbell

    I want more of is- I really do... just be it so wholesome and cute

  28. Miko The gremlin

    Well that’s my secret I’m always stressed 1:05

  29. Philip Playz

    he backed out of college NOT FOR MINECRAFT!!!! FOR POTATOES!!!!

  30. JustMiley

    i just said "subscribe to Technoblade!" in my online class and then i got kicked out :(

  31. JustCuz

    did skyblock just joink the reforge system from terraria? wtm

  32. Luca Pasanisi

    texture pack is always fake dynamic duo

  33. caleb

    Hi techno I hope you are doing okay

  34. Little sxphie

    SHAME ON YOU FUNDY also i didn’t need to see that skin i need bleach

  35. Random M


  36. Studierter Dönermann


  37. Zer0bear

    Ok so when will be the next upload? 1 month? 2 Months?

  38. Nom De Plume

    You're not alone. When I was in first grade, I barely even remember this, but I got pushed against the back of someone ahead of me in line, they complained, next thing I know I'm being chewed out byt he vice principal.

  39. Jenna Pfister

    I’m watching a video with his face in it but still don’t know what he looks like

  40. Robert Swifts

    This is pure proof that he never autoclicked before he’s just trying to show off his good gaming chair

  41. FlameHairYEET

    back when EVERYONE flat bridged and you dont spawn with swords and void dont instantly kill you

  42. Xiron2Bar

    "As long as there are Mondays there will be Minecraft Mondays." This aged well

  43. DooDee Vibing

    Crying obsidian Post Edit: BOY IF YOU DONT... shut up I'll attempt to smack but I know it wont do much mr techoblade sir

  44. Le doggo.

    That intro do be cool thou

  45. koekpan999

    It's a master piece

  46. loser

    jokes on you I’m not asleep

  47. just minecraft

    Technoblade never dies 😈😈😈😈😎😎

  48. Sweatshirt



    Best video

  50. Basketball_face sloth

    I swear this guy got a million viewers in 1 day?????

  51. xdd ur boi

    Guys...youtubes algorithm is at it again

  52. Brickabang

    I swear techno has infinite old content

  53. Cheeny Provido

    Sharp 4 Player:HAXXX

  54. Jatin Sawant


  55. diamonddragon X

    TEHCNO:I can fight better with a steering wheel Me:well, hes not wrong

  56. Jknomore JAJ

    and people wonder why youtubers have messed up sleep schedules

  57. Magnificent_501


  58. Jay

    Truly a culinary master

  59. Raymond Kuma

    If you are seeing this God loves you

  60. GreamNotTaken 14

    Don't worry Techno I will watch your ARdevs video and get you ads which is like donating but I don't lose money

  61. Sying Minecraft

    I use that KEYBORED cool

  62. Itz _ TheEvilBoxy

    Technoblade never dies.

  63. SLO Gaming

    Technoblad: fisting everyone and winning 3 games in a row Also technoblade when he sees 2 guys with diamond armour:epic montage time

  64. Erki_ Unknown

    I love technoblade’s tactics of gathering information, sabotage, trusty (most of em trustworthy) people, pure dedication, and calculations..

  65. xxxLegitGamerxxx

    3 mil left from the pig rank

  66. Mackenzie Colebrook

    If we blew up the sun, we'd be dead. But, maybe the afterlife is cold🤷

  67. arger798

    1:45 Is really Corrupted

  68. spleebo the 1st

    Minecraft elders are: calvin any other person that can get calvin down to 5 hearts, maybe xnestorio

  69. lovely.sinala

    hey this is cool you should make a ARdevs channel

  70. Endermation

    he looks a bit like georgenotfound?

  71. Climus

    He didnt know that covid 19 existed in 2020....

  72. Emily B

    Poor ginger. He was trying to join but they didn’t notice.