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    1. Poornima ಪೂರ್ಣಿಮಾ!!

      Seriously !? .....

    2. [Коубаса]Teslovskiy

      Доктор дью оценит

    3. Bad Chicken

      Or you could just stir it. Yeah I know it’s a flex on the house, but when it’s done you have to walk all the way down to get it. Plus you can’t do anything in your room because your too busy with the drill!

    4. panic

      There was a spelling mistake in the title "This is the most stupid invention ever" Fixed it

    5. Russkij Nemez

      You idiot kid can damage your wall with that. God.

    6. Kamil Marczak

      So this is to tie up the person you kidnapped

    7. MZA GAMER

      Name of song?

    8. Jaret Montoya

      Técnicas para enseñar tu casa parte 1

    9. Jason Zhou

      This guy just wants to show how big his home is

    10. Crazy Games


    11. Blouwsii ツ

      When mom says pause the game

    12. Vojta Vacek


    13. Guillermo Olavarrieta

      Es lo más pendejo eh imposible

    14. Slipsp ce

      This is how rich people spend their time?

    15. Ernesto Guevara

      This what we called 'show don't tell principle'

    16. Skalez007

      Its not even stirring properly...

    17. Landon

      People are saying "how can we flex without it seem like were flex" ok so what if you have a big house you cant just make cool videos in it yall probably all just jealous that you'll probably never have a big house like them

    18. Only one

      laziness is just clever efficiency

    19. Balu Guguloth

      I finally got the laziest person than me

    20. Nathan Ogus

      that’s smart

    21. Carlos Augusto

      Mano vc e rico não e mais facil contratar uma empregada

    22. natalie brown

      You who

    23. FNAF Adventures

      Is that a pole of the-nvm.

    24. margarita romero


    25. Yoselyn Martinez


    26. Laurine star

      The lazy invention😆

    27. BoHemi12

      Did the cook have the day off??

    28. The Sterminator 09

      The cameraman flyy¿¿¿¿ 🙃🙃🤔🤔

    29. the fun girls Fults

      Lazy squad

    30. analu the gamer

      Not me vibing to the elevator musical.....m

    31. Đáp Vấn

      Music pls

    32. Aatish Valaparla

      Who's brother did you have to sell to get that house

    33. Edward Grass

      Turn to Jesus

    34. Funny Bunny Angel Demon Chanel

      Know he cane relax and no cooking i whanto do that laysi

    35. MadPigPlays

      When your bored in quarantine:

    36. mellesuzy66

      Ils et con🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😝

    37. AngreFace

      Or just stur it normally in your million dollar house

    38. x Fiink

      tell me you have rich asian parents, without telling me you have rich asian parents.

    39. alison fish

      why was there a pole in the kitchen-

    40. Camila Oliveira


    41. Midnight Creepypastas & Hörbucher

      Phineas and Ferb are missing a brother.^^

    42. Buse K.

      Some rich problems

    43. Hey Saky ت

      elevator music and... are u flexing our mansion

    44. Luis Fernando Alvarez

      Thx for the tour

    45. GTA V MODDER


    46. Maria Clara

      É só mecher a porra da colher ;-;

    47. Floredith Legerme

      Didn't you think it's a bit extra

    48. anastasia kacharava

      Wow nice

    49. linda ferrari


    50. Sapno Ka Tofaa

      What a dumb how he will see whether is over cooked or cooked

    51. 에빙빙대왕만세

      코로나땜에 천재들이 미쳐가기시작했다ㅋㅋ

    52. videos BTS y blackpink

      Yo poniendo el celular lejos pensando que me an a asustar

    53. Jayce W

      How much?

    54. Kyle Fuge

      I want to try that

    55. A-Aron

      So explain to me how much money you have to have to afford a house like that and where are these jobs?

    56. Тимур Азимов

      Чёртов гений

    57. Riko


    58. 정우찬

      아니 무슨 집이 이렇게 넓어

      1. 김태윤


    59. h


    60. conner

      title: gratest invention internet: let me introduce myself


      And after 2 4 days he got a maid for doing that

    62. Abigail Bui

      You know you’re getting old when you are worrying about the walls

    63. super_4NN

      Típico broder

    64. Callie Smith

      Bet you won’t pin this

    65. when you

      Bet you ten bucks this will be the future because since new gadgets keep coming the more lazy we get

    66. Master Rex _CR

      Brain was found in 697 696:

    67. Mr Absolute

      Me, who knows about electricity: debatable

    68. Alexandre barros

      Que babaca que besteira

    69. KimmyLoveAndStuff

      Seit wann muss man nudeln umdrehen?

    70. Xsionus

      Мама: помешивай борщ я ушла Я: *видео*

    71. powyax

      anyone know the song?

    72. Pe'Airra Brackens

      Ok we know you have a nice house don't have to rub in in

    73. Paige Raymond

      And what if it burn? What will u do then? Ur hand be going there- by the time it goes there the house will be on fire-

    74. Alper KILIÇ

      my mom: I just told you to stir the soup what’s w all that rope???


      That guy is for sure the founder of 5 minutes crafts Full of useless things that aren't even needed

    76. JayStar007

      Ever heard of a robot dog that pisses beer???

    77. Adeel Mal

      Yeah just flexing with your house

    78. Zilong X

      *Yeah, this is big brain time.*

    79. Ghast505

      *ihe fans:*

    80. evie amelia

      normal people: omg this is so cool me: *wondering how the camera guy floats down the stairs*

      1. Flippy

        Omg do you still wandering that ?!?

    81. Nicole Ruiz

      My dumb ass was too busy paying attention to the string to notice the house. When I came to the comment section, everybody was talking about how they were trying to flex. Like, bruh, was I the only one who paid attention the string? Ngl, I feel kinda stupid rn....

    82. Landen B

      How do you cook that that’s weird

    83. イス


    84. Carl Vincent


    85. Heather Cross


    86. Dark Lieutenant

      Ah yes string.

    87. Pablo Alejandro Fernández

      me gusta pero al mismo tiempo no

    88. Arty Alligator

      Dose infinite live there

    89. Soulful Warrior

      I am 100 percent sure that that we hv been tricked into belived when actually someone stirred the stu when camera man came. Assssss usual holes!

    90. Lady D `

      Lazyest guy i ever seen

    91. Rose Hyath

      Hj aprendemos que essa casa é I M E N Ç A



    93. -siмρly_ ɴѳʙѳɗy-

      O genio é um miserável

    94. Shenika Nelson Nelson

      So sensitive brother your smart 💕💕👍👍👍

    95. ๖ۣۜRodribat


    96. omac_3.0

      The amount of time for u to build that is more than the time u can just walk down there and stir

    97. Raftodom

      The ultimate flex but not flexing

    98. Matthew Black

      This invention is literally pointless and who would have the time just to do that

    99. Pipelayo Mimiko

      Phineas and Ferb who?

    100. Andrew Raptosh

      He is awake to set that up but not to steer the noddles