Starship | SN10 | High-Altitude Flight Test


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    On Wednesday, March 3, Starship serial number (SN10) successfully completed SpaceX’s third high-altitude flight test of a Starship prototype from our site in Cameron County, Texas.
    Similar to the high-altitude flight tests of Starship SN8 and SN9, SN10 was powered through ascent by three Raptor engines, each shutting down in sequence prior to the vehicle reaching apogee - approximately 10 km in altitude. SN10 performed a propellant transition to the internal header tanks, which hold landing propellant, before reorienting itself for reentry and a controlled aerodynamic descent.

    The Starship prototype descended under active aerodynamic control, accomplished by independent movement of two forward and two aft flaps on the vehicle. All four flaps were actuated by an onboard flight computer to control Starship’s attitude during flight and enabled a precise landing at the intended location. SN10’s Raptor engines reignited as the vehicle performed the landing flip maneuver immediately before successfully touching down on the landing pad!
    As if the flight test was not exciting enough, SN10 experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly shortly after landing. These test flights are all about improving our understanding and development of a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo on long-duration interplanetary flights, and help humanity return to the Moon, and travel to Mars and beyond.

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    8. Roberto Figueiredo

      Esse estagio da Starship só serão usados os motores na Terra nas manobras de pouso, já na Lua na decolagem de retorno não exigirá tanto dos motores devido menor gravidade, será que estou mais ou menos certo? parabéns a quem tiver coragem de fazer um passeio nessa monstruosa maquina, mais complexa do que o Onibus Espacial, O Elon Musk é um homem de muita FÉ.

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    11. Niki Noling

      Bearley landed

    12. Donald Johnson

      ........High altitude?....Are you joking?....there are geese that fly higher than I0k.....Not to mention they also fly faster.....Did I just completely misunderstand or did it take 4 minutes to reach that altitude? Wow, with those specs this SpaceX Rocket will allow us to colonize the Rocky Mountains within the next ten to twenty years. Damn, this cutting edge technology never fails to amaze me.....NOT.

      1. TimePro

        They purposely go slower to avoid super-sonic speeds and to lower vehicle stress. The first orbital flight will go like a falcon 9.

      2. Ethan Roberts

        It's a test, and 10km is quite high to fly a test vehicle.

    13. arodg025

      Why are these camera shots always shaky? My phone would take a more stable video

      1. alexn

        Maybe since they're affected by the vibrations 3 fucking powerful engines cause that would otherwise kill you?

    14. Daniel Pablo

      How many tons of toxic gas going to atmosfere. The advamce have a dark cost.

      1. Nokk

        none, it uses methane, which burns clean

    15. Yarr YoHo

      The future is now.

    16. CaseyJones

      SpaceX is nuts omg Congrats to them

    17. Rachhanon Sam

      epic flip maneuver moment

    18. Admiral Antlantis

      To watch I am fully realized....indeed we are living in the primitives' era technology of transportation..., I am not too obsessed with the USS Enterprise of Startrek TV's movie in 1970 ....but thought they were still more advanced than this one even though Starship USS Enterprise just fiction movies, but I would be pleased to choose to ride with Mr. Spock rather than Mr. Elon a comparison; the Stealth F-117 Nighthawk - Lockheed-Martin is more makes sense to defeat the gravity and return to the earth as usual with the horizontal position for what's it is being spacecraft and thus .....not in the vertical ways to landing...who can guarantee in the even the propulsion engine does not work as expected? the answer is clear....; " Free Fall " as a gun shoot bullet aimed to the sky...the concept of landing with vertical ways has not given the good option for the craft to gliding in case of emergency to saves the souls onboard. it is fully joking for a multi-million project...Elon Musk is too naif to spend his abundant money on this...if I were him...I would rather dump my money to build a free school and teach people how to become a Billionaire like him...

    19. e.

      This is Old technology, how about show us the gravity propulsion engine that NASA has and works on it since 1947 Roswell?

      1. Callum - カラム

        Nice joke

      2. Tuuminshz

        please take your meds

      3. TimePro

        What gravity propulsion engine do you speak of? I can't seem to find it.

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      Love from Pakistan

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      11:44 that looks cinematic

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      They'll be the first people on the Moon haha

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      ohhhhh come ooooooonnnn!!!! where is the explosion???? I was waiting for it!.

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      Lol. Looks like animation.

    30. Daniele Di Lorenzo,parte%20della%20sua%20anatomia%20occulta.

    31. Daniele Di Lorenzo

    32. tool box

      Doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure out the cgi part

      1. Lmao.

        no, just a couple of idiots

      2. logitech4873

        There's no CGI here whatsoever.

    33. Cursed Baljeet

      10:15 this shot really encapsulates the speed at which it’s falling and then how much the belly flop slows it down

    34. Josh Lambert

      Man SPACEX rocks 🎸 😎

    35. John Wolverton

      Congrats for that cameraman

    36. Martian

      one word:amazing

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    38. abc

      Eu não canso de ver isso aqui decolar É muito lindo, é fascinante, é tudo...

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    39. Freedom & Democracy


    40. Alexandr Marosz

      And the made it even without naci-engineers!

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        Я перевел это, ха-ха-ха, фантастика

    42. SFS Jolt

      Who has a feeling that Sn15 will be like Sn10 but won't explode 8 minutes later

    43. spacex_sciencey_timez

      how many time i watched this video?

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    46. steveissexy 1967.

      Those rockets are a waste of time and money they're dangerous because you have to carry that fuel for landing which also makes it not economical it's a waste of time and money

      1. Kellogg's Flakes

        "Why do we need those stupid cars, they are a waste of money, my horse works just fine!"

      2. SFS Jolt

        Oh so you just want to watch humanity falter as we progress, no we need to build space rockets capable of mars missions for humans and beyond, if not humans will eventually meet 5hier fate stuck on the planet, I don't see why you say this with such stupidity

      3. Tuuminshz


    47. Guillermo Rivas

      I love this

    48. Серж Владимирский

      Заебись мультфильм...

    49. Live Tuber

      beautiful CGI

      1. logitech4873

        There's no CGI here.

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    51. Brien Dunphy

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    52. iql dnr

      Flying Squid

    53. Alexander Perdomo

      I think Elon musk did the the biggest bottle flip in juman history

      1. Alexander Perdomo

        Human history

    54. Buğra Çağrı YURT

    55. lifefunseeker today

      announcer sounds like a dude from the early 1950's

      1. TimePro

        That's John Insprucker for you! He is an amazing person.

    56. [[[] S c o t b o X []]]

      " If it doesn't look like a duck, swim like a duck, and quack like a duck, then it probably isn't a duck "

    57. Jimmy B. Perez Lopez

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    58. rbxless

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    60. LeEpicPlayz Bacon

      Me: shows off my laggy big thicc redstone rocket in random Minecraft creative worlds What I see 5:43

    61. Elias Ohm

      So finally that attack is rebugged for enslavement of attackers pilots and defense missiles to aoid future outfalls...

    62. LoparceGaming826

      1:11 sn9 moment 1:31 sn8 moment

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    65. emmm

      It's so. incredibly. loud. WOw!

    66. Heybar Sequera

      Amazing job!

    67. stringsnare

      Was that real footage or CGI interspersed with real footage?

      1. alexn

        Real footage, all the way through. It was a livestream.


      11:42 The best most unbelievable non CGI part of the video. Truly amazing shot

    69. andre troll

      MUY BUENO- UN ABRAZO Y UN BESO GORDO- El video mio se encuentra en el YOU TUBE y se llama- robotizado con cd 4017 , ne 555 pilotos El plano esta bajo el video. Andre Troll Kaiser

    70. Frank Tuckwell

      Wow! I thankyou but i think the landing was far more astounding than the take off. Fantastic👍👍👍

    71. Glitched Blox

      11:41 Looks like one of those movie scenes.

    72. bcvbb hyui

      Huge Respect for the Engineers, technicians and every worker at SpaceX 🙏💯.

    73. moises gonzales

      Es una nave de Flash Gordon, OMG!

    74. Caio Portella

      Cortaram a parte da explosão pq? HUAUHAUHHAUUH medo de cair ações elon musk?

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    76. ICOD73

      For a moment, it looked CGI.

      1. Alex Hendrix

        I watched this with my own eyes. 100% not CGI.

      2. bcvbb hyui


    77. Ailsa Ni

      The reduced vibration of this missile is an unparalleled precedent

    78. Igor Delta F.

      Man will go mars no earlier than 2040. Even a small cybertruck takes years to be released to public, I can't imagine how long it will take starship to meet all the requirements. Probably decades. The news says we will see Man on mars very soon, just to keep us high expectations, but I think it's just marketing. I'm just being realistic.

      1. Igor Delta F.

        I wrote the wrong number of days. It's +400 to 500 days. Yet not for this decade. It's just my opinion, I hope I'm wrong. Thank you Matt for remind me to correct the days. Mr. Lmao, sorry to challenge your beliefs, if you don't agree write why you don't, instead of going straight to offensive words.

      2. Matt's Youtube stuff

        @Lmao. My bad, I'll delete my response

      3. Lmao.

        @Matt's ARdevs stuff i was referring to the original comment

      4. Lmao.

        so is this "argument" just some copy paste shit or are you part of a hivemind? i've seen this exact comment several times now.

      5. Matt's Youtube stuff

        @Igor Delta F. I'm not sure where you get 1400 days from. During the closest approach, Mars is about a 6-9 month journey depending on which year you launch. That is maximum ~270 days trip one way to Mars. Perhaps you can be more specific on where you are getting your numbers from

    79. little Phoenix33

      So Elon is iron man because that seems a lot like how iron man lands 😄👀

    80. vbddfy euuyt

      happen live 😂

      1. Cleanzy's

        @Ailsa Ni what

      2. Ailsa Ni

        Демократия не долетит до Марса.

    81. Wayne Davis

      did anyone else notice the hard bounce on landing or the drone view that looked like a cheap netflix movie?

    82. Olavo Neves

      hi mates is very enjoy...blazz_zzzz

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    84. JP muro

      What a bunch a shit! Can't believe y'all into this crap, CGI at the end got me cracking, no craft can do that TODAY , c'mon guys wake the fuck up

      1. logitech4873

        Hundreds of people went and watched it. There's dozens of amateur videos on ARdevs of the launch and landing. There's no CGI here whatsoever, get your eyes checked.

      2. alexn

        @JP muro I have shown you multiple videos captured by amateurs, yet you still insist on cgi? What's your proof of CGI?

      3. alexn

        @JP muro (That was SN11 the twitter pic, the links are SN10)

      4. alexn

        @JP muro Well sure since that was filmed before the launch, lemme find you an amateur video of it. Theres also RGV Aerial Photography, and after the bellyflop Fail of SN11 they photgraphed it's nosecone laying on the ground im gonna get you some links.

      5. JP muro

        The real question lies beyond you and me and what we both think. Theres proof , that this is all a hoax. The question is why are you defending something that you can't prove, while all claims against what your trying to cling to have tons of facts , scientific, to back them up. My proof is right there , the cgi sequence at the end and the so called landing, i know its hard. We both have our own truths and i respect that, its just that's this is soo in our faces , its impossible not to see. And question its nature

    85. JP muro

      Modern warfare CGI looks way better , should give em a call #elonmusk

      1. Cleanzy's

        Go to boca chica

      2. vbddfy euuyt

        looks like a sci fi film

    86. Björn der Sachse

      Alles nur lüge

      1. Volksgenosse Erich Honecker

        Jede Person mit einem Donald Trump Profilbild hat still zu sein

      2. alexn

        Go there yourself and see it for yourself

    87. Andy Harrison

      This style of aircraft- is it "Flash Gordon" style? Or more Rocketeer?

    88. shark2v

      nice cgi

      1. Cleanzy's

        Go to boca chica

      2. alexn

        You can go there yourself and see it

    89. John McGrath

      Is this even real? It looks like cgi

      1. Juan Pablo Muro

        yeah, its because it is

      2. KELOO JBL ッ

        @alexn ye

      3. alexn

        Go to Boca Chica, TX. You can see these getting built and flown in real time there.

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    91. แก่ง นาง

      ไอ้ควายน็อตบอกแผนทุกอย่างองค์กรNASA มีแผนอยากเป็นเบอร์1ของสหรัฐ.แล้วจะกลับไปใช้สถานีอวกาศสกดจิตทุกพรรคในสหรัฐ. ให้สนับสนุนเงินงบประมาณและมีตัวแทนNASA ที่หวังลงชิงต่ำแหน่งประธานาธิบดีสหรัฐ.ในสมัยต่อไป

    92. แก่ง นาง

      NASA กลายเป็นควายเมื่อถูกจับได้ว่าใ้ดาวเทียม และใช้สถานทีอวกาศทดลองมนุษย์ แต่สู้ความคิดมนุษย์ไม่ได้ โดยล่าสุดมีการเปิดเผย ชื่อบอร์ดผู้สั่งให้มนุษย์อวกาศบนสถานีอวกาศทำงานนี้

    93. Dave Timothy

      12:00 I see starhopper

      1. KELOO JBL ッ

        ye love starhopper

    94. Saanichton Ministries

      What I don’t like about the BFR is that there is no redundancy. Since fuel tanks are located in the nose cone, the crew cannot jettison from the top to escape an inevitable failure. Any manned flights must have redundancy.

      1. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @Saanichton Ministries I agree ...,.. I don’t see nasa trusting SpaceX to place astronauts on Mars anytime soon until starship has at least 200-600 successful flights without incidence along with a smart AI to pilot starship However SpaceX does have falcon Heavy which is a proven space vehicle which I do see NASA trusting to send to the moon or Mars 🥲 Only the future will tell

      2. Saanichton Ministries

        @Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez fair enough. After a study of the STS program, it would be a nightmare to fly on a rocket. As a pilot myself, it is fascinating science. But way too risky. I don’t ever see the risk factor going away. Man it too flawed. Too much can go wrong in manned space flight. Too many extremes. I don’t know if it is ethical watching people kill themselves trying to go to Mars.... like the Mars one project?

      3. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @Saanichton Ministries Is this suppose be hyperbole ....? Obviously not, they only flow 4 of them🤦🏻and their still very much prototype rockets That’s the equivalence of me asking you if you’d like a flight on the wrights brothers first plane .....

      4. Saanichton Ministries

        @Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez would you if you could?

      5. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        @Saanichton Ministries 🤨 ....... no I don’t

    95. Денис Петин

      Демократия не долетит до Марса.

    96. Pascal Fokx

      bravo let's Mars but if Mars gravity is lower than Earth it's going to be easy landing

      1. KELOO JBL ッ



      FIREBALL XL5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    98. vince mm

      looks like a sci fi film

      1. KELOO JBL ッ

        ye but is real

    99. Carmen A. Cabello

      That is bull shit.

      1. It’s grant

        @Shorty haha

      2. Shorty

        Carmen is close to karen

      3. It’s grant

        @alexn thanks for saving me time

      4. alexn

        Go and watch it yourself in boca chica before throwing bullshit accusations on ARdevs

    100. Nebula Dust

      24 7 live Mars cam coming soon : )