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    1. C Rex

      how do you get it out?

    2. Drawster

      Whys this got 42mil views

    3. kimura kei



      10 minutes later, I want take off

    5. Jaleel Khan


    6. Matt Sparks

      Yes, toggle bolts do exist

    7. Nm Gghgf

      Habe in den Kopf meines schlafenden Nachbars neben an gebohrt. Anleitung zu ungenau!

    8. Lina Ponce

      Opkuytef gshn yeuecz ey💪💪

    9. 92 nicky


    10. Valerie Caban

      How would you take out the anchor if needed? Does the back stay inside the wall?

    11. Tron 2c

      Ah, yes, if the screw fails to stay in the wall This is the answer we've all been looking for. Mankind has been looking for millennia to find an answer... And suddenly this Prometheus whom calls himself "Tool_Tips" appears out of nowhere and brings our all utmost desired question to an end. Magnificent. A true savior...

    12. Rupen Rudra

      Amazing work

    13. Alexander Diaz

      Mi vecino .______.

    14. Astraldrifter

      American houses lol

    15. Andyrfa

      I used concrete walls

    16. Emily An

      Imagine thst hook thing as an arrow tip.... The enemies be having a hard time pulling that outa them

      1. Paramdeep Grewal

        There are arrows like that

      2. Brett Gumeson

        hollow point 9mm

    17. Wim de B

      Murican "walls".. laughs really hard in European brick and reenforced concrete.

    18. Vintage Mint Cake

      Sounds like a Pokémon

    19. Diaper【だいぱあ】


    20. Charming nowhere to hide

      You Imagine that this is going to get in neighbors house? LoL

      1. Emily An


    21. Golabyi - Technology


    22. あかえいす99


    23. Little Potato

      사고 싶은데,이 물건을 한국어로 뭐라고 부릅니까.?

    24. Atala Keanu Monarshi

      It works ! Only on drywall / gypsum wall 😶‍🌫️

      1. Charming nowhere to hide


    25. Dabezt


    26. ゆうまん


    27. 登録者1人増えたら私が喜ぶ


      1. Snow Rabbit


    28. Serial Procrastinator

      How do you take it out tho

    29. Melvy Membreno

      Fock you I can not finished it to see this Fock video to long and did not show anything

    30. Riri_102 sistA


    31. Riri_102 sistA


    32. Riri_102 sistA

      What I said that was a great job

    33. Unbox Tech iMagz

      Who tf has hollow walls

    34. 敗北者Ten


    35. Naresh P


    36. 【猫咪日常|涵依美食TV】

      People are coming to pay attention and support me, OK?

    37. BakchormeeMan

      Good if your home is made of plywood

    38. Nadalia N

      Well hell...idk about everyone else, but I am absolutely impressed. Now where can I go and purchase these little thingys.

    39. Daniel Stevenson


    40. a user

      Oh! This reminds me of batman's gun.

    41. Jackie Robinson

      just toggle bolts 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    42. Юлия Бузуева

      К соседям надеюсь? 😂😂

    43. Decaf Bruce

      This would be perfect for my tv I can’t hang it cuz it’s on dry wall anyone can help ?

      1. Cassie

        I would love to see how that would work on concrete or brick and mortar wall

    44. シュンくん

      どんなけ穴あけるねん。はよせい! …… あ。

    45. さかな好きです


    46. by CODEX

      Her evin arkadında böyle bir delik olduğunu eminim

    47. Dead on Strike

      Problem is ... my wall is more than 60 times thiccer than this wall

    48. Łukasz 2645

      You Imagine that this is going to get in neighbors house? LoL

    49. Leepluto


    50. Señor Weapons

      As a kid I would tie a fishing line to those and use em as a grappling hook now I'm barely realizing how these work 😂😂

    51. Adib Nasimi


    52. ᄏᄏ的MOA小站

      I don't know why, but so satifition.

    53. shorts girl


    54. Dear Janu


    55. The Hacks-By-Jack Channel

      To toggle or not to toggle. That is the question.

    56. MH Eclipse

      Was it supposed to he satisfying?

    57. Tony Medrano

      My favorite anchor

    58. Uchiha Dhruv

      9 yr old ones this is ninja's grappling hook.

    59. Christian Müller


    60. Chahal_ Harkarj

      ਪੱਗ ਦੀ ਪੂਣੀ ਕਰਨ ਲਈ।😜😜

    61. سلطان حارث

      شدت حس🙄🙄🙄😵🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    62. crandf

      But now the person on the other side has to deal with weird stuff poking out at him

    63. Life Vlog

      Do you sell in Alibaba?

    64. Arnaud Lecoeur

      Si on foire ok peut plus jamais l'enlever 😅

    65. sato yan

      Good sounds!

    66. Vio ama Galaxi tanrısı olan

      Bu aynı paşa. Fencer

    67. Nkomo Doris


    68. zijuiy wttuy

      imagine seeing him reacting realizing he had 15 million within 5 days, that's 3 million within a day...damn

      1. fouoii gyhh

        ترند مغبر 🗿

    69. 。。


    70. 紫ライチュウ


    71. Young Trapper

      How you get em out thooo 🤔

    72. Tujuh Kebatinan Pendekar.

      What is specific name of the bold

      1. zijuiy wttuy


    73. Tujuh Kebatinan Pendekar.

      What is specific name of the bold


      who became tired after watching this video?

    75. J R

      God damn it Tsukuyomi

    76. 이동연

      그냥 BBQ 먹지 말란 소리임 존나 비싸

    77. Miroslav Kučera


    78. Chinese video فيديوهات صينيه

      جدا شي ذكي

    79. Fulcrum

      The Rebellion is looking for new recruits today! Who will join us? ✴

      1. fouoii gyhh


    80. Jordan Kalmov

      Satisfaction. No commentary No music Just work

    81. chrispysaid

      Is the tip to get some drywall anchor screws? What is with all these "DIY lifehacks" that just amount to "get the right tools for the job"?

    82. fouoii gyhh

      imagine seeing him reacting realizing he had 15 million within 5 days, that's 3 million within a day...damn


      Anupam। V

    84. Sparrow

      Now the other side of the wall is fked. Nice try but failed.

    85. the anonymous lad

      It's currently 2:51 am where I live. I should be sleeping, preparing for tests. Instead here I am watching a guy screw in whatever those things are into the wall. What an odd path I've chosen.

      1. mikin lirou

        Welp. ARdevs has officially decided I'm middle aged showing me this 😂

    86. John Pob


      1. fouoii gyhh

        Yeah... But...

    87. 666 6


    88. You Thank


    89. Honeymoonrapsody22


    90. Chaotic Neutral

      I will watch anything drunk and depressed

    91. They call me 민재

      Useless af

    92. PAK DAMKAR


    93. Frank Castle

      I bet he feels smart for this

    94. Deep Singh

      Very nice

    95. Brenda Leverick

      Stop already!!! 🤦🏼

    96. Dallan Clardy

      How do you get it out?

    97. Understanding In A Car Crash

      Yeah... But...

    98. m&m M7M

      Oh that's how it works 💪👷

    99. Ani Nuryani


    100. Money Maker

      If you can drill through your walls like this, move.