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    I don't know HOW they do it! Check out the most INSANE use of INVISIBILITY YET in the Clash International Cup (CiC) Semi Finals! Queen Walkers vs Vatang and the winner moves on to fight Alternate (ATN) Attax in the Finals

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    1. XYZ ABC

      I don't know how clause play COC

    2. GUNNA

      One word Klaus genius

    3. Jack Sakai

      The aromatic leather additonally dam because tea adventitiously bruise minus a obsequious uncle. adamant, grouchy tip

    4. Dream side


    5. MR NegAtīvĒ KriShNA-


    6. Thor Odinson

      This is what u looking for 22:52

    7. apan z

      He not pro, We nub that all 💯


      Me who is th 9 : interesting

    9. TheCris Poock

      I from México

    10. s4ymyn4me

      22:15 - for what you came here

    11. Cliff Billy



    13. Bul Beck

      Doctor Strange 😂😂😂

    14. Хурбаяр Хураа

      The reason why Klaus is so popular right now. Invisible some defense to force Royal champion's ability go into middle, then Zap quake

    15. ImDesireEU

      I love watching klaus he is just so much better

    16. Hector Salamanca

      So satisfying!!

      1. Mr. Cool

        Nobody Hector;🥴🥴🥴

    17. Abhilash Bharadwaj

      Nooob Eric

    18. Colin Weaver

      it looks like anal not final

    19. pedisss drone

      Hello Mr, eric, My pedis, from Indonesia,,, good chanell

    20. francis Macapagal

      42:58 wow !

    21. Supriya Karki

      Every one making Klaus Their content everywere!

    22. KQfitness_ Unicorn

      Wheres your eyebrow eric?

    23. Ewan Daly

      14:40 Excuse me, did you just call the queen a him???

      1. Clash with Eric - OneHive

        Lol probably

    24. vicky

      I am an indian & i love your videos so i have subscribed your channel

    25. Sachin Lewis

      Was that Warden at 37:13 part of a plan? Seemed like an odd sacrifice to me. Anyone care to explain?

      1. Alex2005z

        Yea I thought the same thing. Did he think that the warden would survive?

    26. Aiswarya Jayan🇮🇳😄

    27. G.K.C07 monster Gaming

      How to get three star visit me

    28. DJ Artuz

      Even Eric Didn't Recognize KLAUS Attack 23:14 .. That Was Exactly a Massive Perfect Plan for Klaus..

    29. DJ Artuz

      Damnnnn Klausss.. 1000 IQ.. 22:49 using invisibility spell to archer tower bomb tower and wiz tower.. so that Royal Champion Skill Straight to Scatter shot and Multi Inferno.. Whatt The HEckk?????? Are you GOD Klaus?? or an Engineer... You re Insane

    30. Brian Beach


    31. Brian Beach

      Why not call it wizability? not wizard blizzard

    32. TEEMER

      Best reaction video ever ... c'mon ... hahah .. lmao

    33. Divyanshu Rathore

      Klaus is best attacke

    34. LegendaryEffect AJ

      I’ve always loved Klaus lol his golem avalanche was probably his most insane attack

      1. ItsMeRichard

        nah the barch is probably the best

    35. Lady Pink Panther

      Keep it upppppppppp!

    36. Mani Sahu

      Very long video😔😔😔😔 I can't watch

      1. Clash with Eric - OneHive

        Watch part now and part later

    37. Zuala Renthlei

      Me..who dont even play this game..but still sub.. Like and comment because ...i dint lose any of my wealth when i sub and like his channel...... Thank u

    38. Sikaru

      Need to go through 1hr video to watch the attack shown in thumbnail holy shittt

    39. TouchMeNot TMN

      Klaus never fail.

    40. Sunakshi Karlupia

      If Klaus is there then the audience are gonna get another fiesta for the eyes!! 😎

    41. Kshitij Pradhan

      Hey Eric, i am th 10 and pushing to titans, i constantly need high troops which my current clan doesn't have ,can you or any of your family clans help me out?

    42. md rofikul

      Love from Bangladesh

    43. Manjesh Raj M.P

      In the beginning was it final or anal


    45. Matthew B

      As always, I love your energy when casting. Best I've heard yet and I listen to a bunch of your competition

    46. Gazza Be Thy Name

      Today Carbon released the Noahs Arc video hahaha. We saw it here first.

    47. Keshav Thakur

      Wtf did kiiiberos do 37:07

    48. Inderpreet Singh

      Eric bro I just lost my th 13 account by mistake I removed my supercell id and I don't have email I'd but I have proof of my id 😭 😭😭😭😭 It's my hard work of 3 years please help me get my id back somehow😭😭😭😭 I trust you bro please

    49. spark gaming

      Love all the attacks

    50. FUN facts

      queen walkers may me insane but they lost against team bharat in stepaine cup

    51. Dixon Davis

      I mean every one can triple with a good meta, but creating one and still triple with that strategy is different story...hats off, Klaus well played.

    52. Just Gurung

      Damn my eyes i saw an*l atfirst instead of final😵

    53. 100% Truth

      You are doing something wrong in your life if you have 300 iq and still playing clash of clans 🤣🤣

    54. Rk Hei

      OP Klaus always has unique Attacks 👏👏👏 CLASH WITH ERIC; Big fan from Manipur 🤝🤩 . Seeking a help from Team Eric i.e., We THE KOK (👁️ OUR LEADER NAME IS THOINAO) want a TH12 max dead base for donating my newly form Clan which has only CP2. We suffer lacks of Seige machine. If u had any dead base, please sent in to my personal email id

    55. justJuan

      Can't believe it. Everytime I watched Klaus, he never cease to amaze me. I think he was made for this. His IQ for this game is indescribable.

    56. Glaithius

      1 hour upload? Hello?! Is this our early Christmas gift from you Eric 😂

      1. ReK


    57. Troy Postie

      He used the invisible spell on the enemy king so dragons wouldn't target him! Nice

      1. Prakhar Rai

        See this 51:00

    58. mark zeus balcueva

      Why they open their walls layout?

      1. Alex2005z

        To make it harder for the queen to get in


      I need active clan im TH11 MAX

    60. Anis Saadu

      top eric

    61. Clash of Clans with SAK

      What a move in 12:20 minute!thsese new spells are somting else!!nice war!

      1. Clash with Eric - OneHive

        and these guys are so good with them too!! By the way, Thanks for becoming a member on the channel!! Much Appreciated!!!!

    62. zzz

      The flame sword king looks like it attacks faster than the other skins when it uses the sword.

    63. Mruwcool

      It do be an hour long


    65. psl pakistan

      Hello brother help me thousand subcribers needed... Thank you guys

    66. All in One

      I have got some crzy ideas now🤔

    67. ya boi koi

      I'm proud to even be the same nationality as the god Klaus 😂😂

    68. Joshua Greene

      Anytime i see "pro" i see this guy's face. He deserves the title of best in the world

    69. Reddit Advice

      Klaus deserved the thumbnail. OP

    70. 天skylesai

      oh 1 hour... hold up let me get my bag of hot cheetos and a drink.... okay im ready

      1. Alex2005z

        @Clash with Eric - OneHive they arent going to be hot at the end...

      2. Clash with Eric - OneHive

        Yum, hot Cheetos

    71. WhosKaori

      10 more seconds on the clock would make competitive a little less upsetting lol


      Nice! :)

    73. ccSleepy

      Yuta took out nearly 60% before starting LALO that base was uber crushed

    74. Daniel R.

      $100 reward to the first person to 3 star my ba$e!

    75. A2J

      The more I watch pro attackers use the invisibility spell the more I realize how brilliant of a spell it actually is. This is the first time in coc there's actually some way to directly control your troops actions after they're deployed but it still doesn't seem to be broken since it mostly takes a lot of thought and skill to use

    76. David Ringo

      @clashwitheric is that a graphics but at 7:27 ? the queen steps in the Invis and her attacks suddenly look like shes popped her ability, the arrows change when shes under an invisibility spell?

    77. Rezwan Sahan

      Klaus and yuta banged

    78. SolarFlare

      Love the vid

    79. Bilal live

      23:24 watch it again man 😂 he made it on purpose! His attack is soo OP

    80. Bilal live

      9:09 no Erik watch it again 😂 it was the headhunter

    81. I am 6310

      QW is on fire 🔥🔥🔥OP 🔥🔥🔥

    82. Vishal Yadav

      at 22:54 the way he uses invisiblity to get sheild at core............200IQ

    83. K Jones

      Is the Klaus at 22:38 the real Klaus?

      1. Clash with Eric - OneHive

        It’s the same Klaus that is in the thumbnail from Japan

    84. And

      Th10 please

    85. GOGOI

      It's rare to see players like klaus,bum doing just even time fail

    86. Jay Wook

      Is there any videos like this but for th 11?

      1. Clash with Eric - OneHive

        Yes there are tons of esports coverage from th11 events in my th11 playlist

    87. Varun Bandekar

      Damn, These are soooo high IQ attacks. They really blow your mind

    88. [PSS]

      Eric: *Klaus* is live! Me: 👀

    89. hafiz sakib

      I had a painful time🙈 I am a fan of your attack (Biggerrr)😜Please 🙏 please give us how to attack th11 max with low level heros

    90. I'm hOpe

      Real legend's will still Hybrid 🌝

    91. Civilian Zone

      Need players in clan.

    92. Subway

      Who else high af rn

    93. Hadi Khalilpour

      how can i find this bases??!! i think this bases are awesome...

      1. Alex2005z

        You gotta make them yourself. This guys make the bases just for the competition. They might reuse them if they dont get tripled, but they have to make them themselves. You could copy them manually tho.

    94. A Vishnu Sankar

      Klaus is stealing the thumbnails of almost all ARdevsrs😊

      1. Cool Name

        @Satellite Fishing its a joke... because he gets famous for his attacks

    95. Sakis M

      22:01 lol @ Eric reading the army comp, trying to understand the att strategy and thinking wtf is this, but then KLAUS

    96. Ken Thsonggo

      Don't make weird names erik 😅

    97. Dozzend Nsid

      I see Klaus iclick

    98. VISHNU V S

      You don't need a i pad or big screen to top in coc Kalus is using phone Motivation💥

      1. AlwaysOn Forever

        Idk why, but most good players (99% of them) use an i pad or one of the best pc specs while the best player, that only one guy is using phone or bad specs pc. This happen in ton of games😂 I dont mean the worst specs, but its like the minimum specs to play the games

      2. VISHNU V S

        I mean top players in the world

      3. Fearbleeds

        By significant amount

      4. Fearbleeds

        I have 2 accounts on phone and 1 on tablet. Both my phone accounts have a better hitrate

    99. Yuvraj Singh

      🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️klaus 🤯🤯

    100. 12oC Divesh

      Klaus photo is everywhere Nowardays. Very Very nice attack by klaus. Recently the best player in the world😍😍

      1. Pranjal

        Vale is stronger and more consistent than klaus

      2. Nick Gurr

        The most creative attacker.

      3. 200 Subs Before Nothing

        *nowadays Sorry I really have to do it.

      4. Khrix Azreal

        Klaus is OG.. He is very consistent in his performance.

      5. Jun Pyo Gu

        Yeah it's because of Christmas.. Get it? 🤣✌️