Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video)

Olivia Rodrigo

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    Directed by Petra Collins
    Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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    Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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    1. Andrea Zornes

      I love this btw dont let anyone tell you that you are overreacting you are the best

    2. Dulce Ortiz


    3. Dulce Ortiz

      te amo muchísimo

    4. Dulce Ortiz

      olivia sos el amor de mi vida

    5. Elianny Vargas paulino

      Soy la única española pero es la de bizarbaak

    6. xxLazywolfxx

      Olivia rodrigo and Camilla cabello Collab?

    7. Lolitas fake

      put it on 2x

    8. Løst

      I would not be surprised if she was a cancer ;-;”

    9. Mq qa


    10. kauan Tenório

      A Olívia entregou tudo, obrigado

    11. Spider The Devil

      Fun fact: The phones at the start were galaxy z flips

    12. Mq qa

      You are not good enough to challenge BTS

    13. Jacob Becker

      Olivia, you're the QUEEN of pop!!!

    14. Lilly’s World!🌷


    15. B Wilks

      Sampled as hell. Like every song in this gen.

    16. YOUSEF MJ

      Man why it's sounds like swift's songs 🙄

    17. MsKillerBanana

      Taylor swift jr

    18. Áurea Maria

      Olivia rodrigo 🛐

    19. Basil Masood

      Why would you dislike this?

    20. Rafael .Vazquez

      Im addicted lol

    21. maisie and lexi lawrence lawrence

      This is a masterpiece

    22. mundo de Roberta e Vivi


    23. mundo de Roberta e Vivi

      I love

    24. mundo de Roberta e Vivi

      Linda maravilhosa

    25. Retal Q


      1. BLACKPlNK


    26. Jungkook _8ov


    27. Jungkook _8ov

      Bts 🖤🖤🖤💗

    28. Jungkook _8ov


    29. Retal Q


    30. Jungkook _8ov


    31. Jungkook _8ov


      1. Layza

        O que o BTS tem ave

    32. Jungkook _8ov


    33. Catherine Covolan Daüm

      Você e só uma garota a ariana grande e muito boa então não tira ela do rank ela e muito boa a melhor ent n mexe com as grandes dela

    34. Jungkook _8ov


    35. Retal Q


    36. Nicolas Campbell-Warner

      Drivers License: Sad Deja Vu : Jealousy Good 4 u : Anger

    37. Ür_ Nãïjī

      الكليب بيض مبين حق تسعينات

    38. Ür_ Nãïjī


    39. Sia George

      Did she just copy Dixie Damelio at the end

      1. Josh Richards

        Please don’t make the” Loren gray copying Billie Ellish” scandal again dixie doesn’t own anything

      2. Sia George

        @BLACKPlNK yes

      3. BLACKPlNK


    40. Maddie

      Bestie committed arson

    41. JOPP 28

      This song is a mix of Lorde (Pure Heroine) and Camp Rock of Disney, the beginning is like Pure Heroine of Lorde 0:20, and the chorus is more like camp rock 0:45.

    42. Ninyaaa

      She looks like a bit of Catriona Gray

    43. Rutvik Parekh

      "Like a damn sociopath" fans unite

    44. Fun Fun

      104 millions views

    45. Alexia V.

      I love your songs but this is the best one.

    46. istg the vibe ✨

    47. Chester Williams

      100% NO Samsung product placement at all in this music video Btw great music video and song

    48. Amazing Norris

      Me when I stub my toe : 2:53

    49. Emilia Wójcik

      I Love her songs!!!!!

    50. 4sh

      if my comment get 1M likes i will made a content about it !

    51. Zhani art

      Your video very cool and crazy!keep up the good work!!

    52. 4sh

      this song will also be world wide just like ~ driver license , just wait a few couple weeks

    53. Theo Bazinga

      This song has an Avril Lavigne vibe!

    54. L'occhio del cineasta


    55. Shazan Samnani

      this sounds better in airpods

    56. lizbizx1

      Am I the only one getting Jennifer's Body from this music video

    57. Yaboy 15

      Took 4 weeks to hit 100M LMOAOO FLOPPED

    58. Captain Jack Sparrow

      Sometimes I wonder if she’ll ever see the cartoon parody Poptoons TV did

    59. Xovlyo Peach

      This vibes yessss this type of basic song that we are waiting for. Love it

    60. Valeria Vásquez

      Millenials loves this song bc it has some Avril Lavigne’s He Wasn’t and Paramore’s Misery Business vibes.

    61. Vitoriaana Sampaio

      Amo essa música viciada

    62. Paula Gomes


    63. Paula Gomes


    64. Teezy Breezy

      She’s down bad she lost 🥱

    65. Qt Kyle


    66. CrispyFrom MW


    67. Jonko

      sounds like haley williams



    69. Aurella 2.0

      Bénéficier par Samsung 😭✌🏻

    70. Aurella 2.0

      Il est là le commentaire français mon reuf

    71. DogThe_l l

      When she put the cheerleaders scene on all I saw was maranda sings

    72. riven peters s2



      Unpopular opinion: ‘ like a dam sociopath is the ‘ is the best part

      1. Rutvik Parekh

        Make it a popular opinion...I wish there were more lyrics in the song in that pitch

    74. •Soft__ Girl•

      perfect loved🥳

    75. riven peters s2


    76. Trybunał

      if I ever saw a cheerleader wearing latex gloves and buying petrol, I'd call the SWAT team as soon as she left lmao

    77. Anshuman Agrawal

      Over time with each song she's portraying stages of a break up :- Driver's License (Sad/Heartbroken) Deja vu (Slightly Mad/Denial) Good 4 u (Extremely Aggressive/Sociopath)

    78. Anshuman Agrawal

      I can't imagine someone listening to this song once and not falling in love with it immediately

    79. Ding Dong

      Avril Lavigne?

    80. Claudine Aureliano

      Falta a Millie comenta

    81. mathew brisley

      This is underrated

    82. Han Denny

      for fortnite kids this is when they get dropped by there trio lol

    83. Daniel

      0:45 chorus 1:37 chorus 2

    84. ivi Deszatigny

      Take that jeshua or joshua 🤣 or what ever that is your name...Dammm Having 30 and listening teenage drama....what a fuck i am doing with my life 🤣

    85. Dark Gaming


    86. Anshuman Agrawal

      Just Imagine re-listening to this a few years later when this becomes a classic 😌

    87. ivi Deszatigny

      Dammmm drama

    88. elisa

      I love song

    89. Mark Tully

      Very nostalgic. Very early naughties. Very Avril Lavigne. Very fucking good

    90. Adrian Meli


    91. آـآݪسؔسؔفآـآح͡حۿ

      كل هلترجمات ومافي عربيه ماشالله

    92. Ben Townsend

      Anyone hearing Misery Business?

    93. Srida Sreejith

      I always thought of Olivia as a sweet, emotional girl. Me seeing this changed and scarred me. I am obsessed with this song!

    94. Amy Chang

      the worst ex girlfriend you can met

    95. Enmanuel InsTaTwiS

      La amoooooo

    96. Enmanuel InsTaTwiS

      Omg 😯

    97. Lidiya

      What she doing..... Stupid song