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    The QnA video is finally here, I tried my best to answer as much as I can. Watch the complete video to know more about my hustle story. Happy 2 Year anniversary to all my Sharum Ki Sketchbook family. Way to go!

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    1. Awesamo Family

      Thank you so much for the kind words bro, I just believed in you, I knew you would pull it off! Much Love! Brothers for life! 🍻 Now finally, I can say "I told you bro!".

      1. Tabraiz Ahmed

        Samo ki video mein sheram ko dakh lia. :D

      2. Shaheer Khalid

        @Sharum Ki Sketchbook Bhai kon SA app ha

      3. Faizan Sattar

        Bai new video kab aai gi

      4. Aqsa Waqas

        Thank u bro bht maza ata hy mujh tw bht achi lagti hy

      5. Muhammad Hasnain Ali

        RAZA BRO WHERE IS THE LIVE STREAM?? anxiously waiting about it

    2. areej shamshad

      Me, my siblings and my cousins raat ko movie dekhnay k bajae aap ki videos laga k dekhty hain AND IT'S ALWAYSSS BEEN FUN. 😂❤️ Soda salf wali video mai wo masii ka 'baji jhaaru bhi mangwana' made us laugh our tears out. 😂❤️❤️❤️

    3. asghar  shahzad

      Bhi aap ho too youtube hai

    4. Basit Hayat

      Motivative ♥️

    5. Zindagi choti si hy

      Aap k ikhlaas ko salaam....sharum bhaiyya..

    6. ɱoɓʌsʜɩʀ ĸʜʌŋ

      Bhai apna face revel karo

    7. ɱoɓʌsʜɩʀ ĸʜʌŋ

      Bhai apna face revel karo

    8. sara zain

      You motivate me alot alot alot. You told each n everything which is in my heart ❤️ ALLAH BLESSED YOU.


      can you make a video on kpop fan life please

    10. Zara Majeed

      broo level hogya bhoot level ka kam hai apko thank you nhi bolna chahiye .we are thankfull to you that you motivates us by making this vedio today .And most important thing your friend is the best that convience you and motivates you you to come back into your beautifull life ......

    11. Marwa Habib

      ur this vedio very inspired me...without art field me jai beghair itni achi animation "WOW!"..

    12. Muhammad Saleem

      You want to hire a workers for your youtube channel.

    13. Alter Rex

      M Also 1 of thm jo dr sy step e nh lyty Need a raza samo jasa frnd jo mjhy b itna morl suport dy pata yhn to sary dost demotvt e krty Shyd mn hmshn asi videos dekh k roun ga or kbh kujh bn nh paunga Ahhh dark life💔💔

    14. Moon Angel

      He is so hardworking ... 💯 I am so confused how he have done so much hardwork to follow his Passion 🔥 May ALLAH give him so much success 🤲🏻Ameen

    15. rakhshan creations

      I am from karachi brother and i am certified graphic designer and your animation the great

    16. CS Ki Dunya

      MashahAllah boht zabrdast kaam hai ap ka.. I love it

    17. Kinza Iqbal

      Sharum your struggle is really very did really very good by not losing hope...keep working this much hard...and best of luck for your future!!

    18. Majid Hussain

      So, you are an ISTian... keep up the good work.

    19. Babar Malik

      Your English skills is very admirable ❤️

    20. Malik Malik

      Glad to know that you are from Quetta. Best wishes and prayers for ur channel. 👌👌👌

    21. Anthony Joseph

      Mind blowing Q&A 😱😱😱 So so motivating and encouraging 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Big applause for you Sharum Bhai 👏👏👏👏👏👏 You're super talented and you kept trying, that's why you're successful now 😍😍😍 I am so impressed by your passion for your work 👏👏👏 Keep it up bro! 👏

    22. LifeStyle With Diya

      Nice n informative video 👌

    23. Rimsha Arif

      Sherum bhae. .. We can see your hardwork and love your content & creativity. You r doing awesome❤️

    24. Resham Naz

      well done

    25. Banknotes AJ

      Good Yar ! Keep it up and best wishes .

    26. Mr. Anonymous

      Hard working ❤️

    27. tauheed birds collcetion

      Sharum bhai mandi or bakra eid per bana dein koi video plz request hai

    28. kazim hadi

      کیا بات ہے ۔۔بہت حوصلہ افزا ویڈیو ہے اللہ تعالی آپ کو بہت کامیاب کرے الھی آمین

    29. Raja Asad

      Sharum great work hand off

    30. Haya Khan

      M jb b video dkhti hn yhi bolti hn yr Inna hard work krta hn r subscribe kum hn...MRI dua hn ALLAH PAK apko success de

    31. Eliza Nawaz

      You face is revealed in Samo's video 😂

    32. vaneeza Ali

      I also love drawing. It's my passion but just like you I ended up on Bba. Thinking that art has no carrier. But by this I got so motivated. 👍👍Thanks bro. I love your video new subscriber. I am so impressed by your story. Keep it up

    33. vaneeza Ali

      Good work 👍👍👍

    34. life life

      good keep it up

    35. Kiran Sunil

      "itni quality kahan se aati hai?" "janoon se.. " Thank you for making our day with these amazing videos!

    36. Kiran Sunil

      dude its okay if you dont wanna do a face reveal true fans will always be with you!

    37. صوفی خان


    38. Arsalan Ansari

      Your videos are amazing

    39. Muniba Nadeem

      u are great ☺️☺️.. its my frst comment ❤️ on your channel 💜💜

    40. Ali Khan Sherani

      Sharum you and I have 3 things in common, atleast. 1. Birthplace: Quetta 2. University: Institute of Space Technology 3. Approach to life: Khul k jiyo Keep the hardwork and may you keep on succeeding. Ameen. Remember me in your prayers too. ;)

    41. AK

      Hello Sir 🤭Sharum Today i seen your picture/face in a youtuber's video clip. I will not show his name but he's your best friend. You will be understand!!!

    42. Wisal Official

      I am only enjoying his drawing



    44. Sana Usman

      He was makeing they look goat👻👻

    45. Stylish Girl

      Your content inspire me the most

    46. Adnan Siddiqe

      Janab sharum mean mera sher...😉😉

    47. Fazeela Gujar

      Your Signature after your masterpiece drawing is 🔥

    48. miss Mughal

      Yarrr......Allah apko mzeeeed kamyab kry🥺🥺🥺🥺 I am getting emotional yaarr🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺.....i love your work😢❤️

    49. delicious dishes

      Zabardast Impressive....


      Dil say lovee you uuu hogaya bhai

    51. Fatima Sheikh


    52. Design captain

      Sharum Bhai plz tell the software name you use for animation

    53. FUN OF TikTok

      Beta ap ayse hi achy lgty ho asal face ki zarort hi nahi hai

    54. Manø Strãwberry

      Do u watch anime?

    55. Danyal Ajmal

      I wish i can also work like you, i always have dreamt about it but never get rid of my responsibilities

    56. Ali khan

      Big fan

    57. Rana Shahzeb

      Ap islamabad me kaha se ho

    58. Maddox x

      Whish animation software you use of your videos

    59. Learn To Gain From Pain

      Proud of you, I can Relate to you I'm going through the same Challenges and Running this ARdevs channel, I'll be happy If you guys Subscribes It, I'm from Karachi and make Videos In ENGLISH. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD 🇵🇰

    60. Fajar Shahid

      InshAllah ❤️❤️

    61. Asim Sheikh

      Bro mane pahchanliya apko😜

    62. QaziAhmadHassan

      Bhai U R Awsome, shch main bhai 😘

    63. M.Jamshaid Ashraf

      Love u bro keep it up


      Bro, I love your videos. I'm also an animator beginner level. Can you tell me which software you use for animation?

    65. Imrana Hanif

      plz university per aur videos bnain i am so confused about university lif so apke videos se buhat help hoti h

    66. T e d d i e

      Why are u so related to my older brother 😅 He also watched u and loves your content 😊

    67. One Minute

      But there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark You should know you're beautiful just the way you are And you don't have to change a thing The world could change its heart No scars to your beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful

    68. Noor shah new ideas

      Nice talking,,😃

    69. Noor shah new ideas

      Plzzz show your own pic😁


      The Image He Make While MAKING HIS QNA WAS LIT🤤🤤💛🔥🔥🔥

    71. Nauman E

      Sharum Bhai, aap ne jo bataya apne baray mein wo actually mere sath bhi tha but I never approached Art in the end like you and currently working in a private sector. Hopefully I will do the same eventually because you're an inspiration. Also, I've always been a fan of Art and was good at it too. Which is why I understand if you take time on your content kyun ke bohot mehnat lagti hai. Bas it's sad some people don't understand it like that per of course they are all waiting for your new video. Baaki, we can see you do wonders and Insha'Allah you'll always find success. Aur wo jo observation wali baat aur solitude wali baat ki us pe Mr. Robot wali feels aa rahi thi aur ab sochta hun, maybe you were in a crowd I was in and you were observing 😂 which feels weird but good at the same time. I don't have any questions because I completely understand everything and I already knew where you are from and where you are now. Kyun ke you have always said something about yourself in the starting videos as an introduction. Baat lambi hogae, wish you all the best for your future. May you keep going strong! You'll always be supported by me because you're doing my dream job (in a way).


      Sir would you make a video. How you maje videos and which softwares you use

    73. Dr. Nimra

      One Video On Bachpan Ki Barish

    74. Mr Jerry

      Next video on eid ul azha

    75. Desi Vynz

      This was the only video i I’ve not skip this video

    76. Mujeeb Rehman

      Bro what is your real face

    77. Kanzah_tried vlogs

      Love your content 👍👍

    78. Kanzah_tried vlogs

      Love your content

      1. khaliq zaman

        Yer jo jab less youngster hai un ke lia koi video taiyar karo kia mushkil ati hai zara pata lge

      2. Sharum Ki Sketchbook

        Thank you kanzah

    79. Fashion Villa

      I'm impressed with your hard work 🥰

    80. Hammad Karim

      Bro plz ap Ai main sketching ka tutorial video dalo

    81. What Apps

      Kea ap apni videos khud dekhty hi??

    82. Pro Player Lover

      Sharum bhai aap ki photo leek ho gyi hai, Google pe, Qasam khuda pak ki, mein ne aap ki tasweer dekhi hoyi hai

    83. M. UMAIS

      O bhai intezar kar kar ke thak gae video kab ae gi

    84. abdul sattar

      Bhi ap Ki next video kab ae gi


      bro i love you effort love you from italy

    86. Ahsan riaz

      Video kab aayege

    87. haseeb ahmed

      sharum bro ak movie bnao na

    88. haseeb ahmed

      sharum bro aur vidio banao na

    89. Hamza Saeed 94

      Ab kab tak wait karna pary ga yar

    90. Hamza Saeed 94

      Tarsa deety ho bro videos k liay

    91. Raja Ashraf

      Waiting for your next video I think the day of Eid ul adha

    92. Annisa Banu

      Assalamualaikum....bro next vedio kab aegi.... waiting?

    93. kainat shabbir

      Sharum bhai new video upload kr dain plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    94. Sahar Ali

      اسلام وعلیکم بھائی پلیز بقراعید کی یادوں پر مشتمل ویڈیو بنائیں۔

    95. A .T

      Garmi days part 2 please

    96. 107_Talha Hussain

      Sherum bhai mai apki video mai ek bikr eid ki please bnaye

    97. Bakri Kabacha

      Sharum Bhai .. I can animate in 2D and 3d .. I love watching cartoons from childhood. Please give some suggestions I also want to become an animator .. because I can animate very well but my brain is scriptless..

    98. KROWN GAMERz

      Sharam tori sharam kar video Ku nahi ayi

    99. Shahzaib Official

      ماشاءاللّٰه 💖

    100. -_- ABsLaYeRs

      WOW! your editing is soooooo gooooood!