Making Cookie Cutters! 🔥(ig: otbp_cookiecutters)

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    1. Abhijeet Sharma


    2. Mani Sk


    3. Rai Gulshan

      This is odly satisfying 😂

    4. family sahibm

      So satisfaing

    5. Ravi Gautam

      This is the most satisfying videos😉

    6. NEBULA 111

      Why they are operating in sequence and not all of a sudden will reduce cycle time

    7. Gio1422

      Finally someone who puts the original credits on ARdevs shorts 🙌

    8. ДАНЬКА

      Что бы пожрать тесто с сахаром ,нужно много металла добыть!

    9. Altimate

      When you eat a cookie 🍪 you imagine this video

    10. Nisha Chandrakar

      Wow this is fantastic machine I like it

    11. Rayd3n Silver

      This is the kind of content I want in my shorts

    12. Shainy Varghese

      Is is satisfying

    13. Humara shams

      everyone:so satisfying me:ew

    14. Varijo The tree

      Can machines stop being 200x better than humans for 5 seconds?

    15. Mary McDonald

      It scares my brain for some reasom

    16. Модийп

      Блин, вот это я понимаю ЗАЛИПУХА!!! 👏👏👏

    17. Aditya adit

      🤣 my friends when i open a packet of chips

    18. Jr. Trumpet

      Making cookie cutter ❌ Making you satisfy ✔️

    19. Shahinur Begum


    20. God of Hercules


    21. Drink Clear Water


    22. Donald Cady


    23. air iyo

      That’s a cool machine

    24. Taylor Giménez carbonell


    25. Jatin

      So there are moulds for making moulds which might also be made out of moulds for those moulds made for these moulds I know, it's technically not a mould but a cutter but still

    26. あにぃきぃ。


    27. Lacinecn

      This ist the best asmr i have ever seen

    28. D.U.N.E

      Ahh yes, we have found who cookies the cutters.

    29. Grimm Swords & Knives

      That's how I wanna go out

    30. B G

      Whats the math behind it? How to determine the circumference of the metal ring?

    31. SilverBolt_82

      My brain found this so satisfying!!

    32. Maxine Nicole Mactal


    33. 孙仲伦

      The math involved

    34. MCLooyverse

      *thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk* yes yes YES! SATISFACTION!

    35. ahmed brown

      This needs to make it in a John Wick movie...

    36. Sarvar Xatamov

      This new dubstep song is fire 🔥

    37. Abhishek Bhoumick

      That's soo good.. But soo many tools to make just one shape..

    38. James Quinn

      So that's how it's fucking done

    39. Masen Stephens

      The hand done ones are cooler than the hydraulic it just seems lazy to me its just thin steel that you could bend with your fuckin hands thats overkill

    40. Kyura_25 YT

      Stab stab

    41. Leslie Moser

      Wow. Lisa wanted to know. That is super cool


      Aree bhai bhai bhai bhai bhai bhai bhai bhai bhai bhai bhai.......😅😅😅😅😅this is my reaction when i see this video

    43. Justin Angelo

      I thought it was going to be Rick

    44. Joshua Beckett

      Imagine the engineer who came into work one day and was told he has to design a machine to make cookie cutters.

    45. Julian Mazo Nwobhm

      Colombia s.o.s

    46. James Teixeira

      Simplismente perfeito!

    47. Phaenon

      Looks like the assassination of julius caesar lol

    48. hammy0w0

      Notice how the circle is just big enough to fit.

    49. Connor Salter

      This just gives me julius ceaser vibes

    50. Panpha Luke

      What's that for!!!

    51. Ratch znug20

      This puts alot of questions to rest for me!!! It's also kinda tantalizing!!!

    52. QQQ

      This is where babies come from?

    53. Eian Lindsey

      Old news give me something different utube

    54. Alif Rahman

      Julius Caesar when the senate were called to the parliament:

    55. MARK -94

      Que satisfacción

    56. A D

      So that’s how it’s done 🤔

    57. Shamar Smalling

      That slow one hits different

    58. Emerson Oliveira IQ Op :/

      Imagina coloca a maozinha ali 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    59. D V

      It feels like someone stabbing u and betraying me at teh same time

    60. Jay

      Thanks so much ! I wake up at 6am everyday, and its difficult for me to fall asleep even in good conditions it takes 1 hour. but today i went to bed at 9:30pm trying to finally get good sleep.. but the whole world did everything to keep me awake and piss me off.. loud phone calls, car parked across the street flahing high beams right into my bedroom, loud tv downstairs etc... i was so pissed off i had to chill on ARdevs for 5 minuts, and your video just... made me happy and relaxed. you are a hero.

    61. Southern Blueblood

      There's something oddly satisfying about watching the machines bend that thin strip of metal into the different shapes.

      1. Frost Spark

        🤣these guys be like "metal lives matter✊" even tho they're holding a cellphone made from that "abused metal"

      2. Is Me

        Metal abuse

      3. Emrys Coppersmith

        Same, this is really satisfying and calming...

      4. RJ Ace

        sounds like metal on metal violence if you ask me.

    62. Funk Boii

      This must be how Lana Rhoades feels.

    63. أبــن الـعراق


    64. Muhammad Sarmad Shafiq

      Sounds like tony stark wear hi iron suit

    65. Chase Dre

      Dnss da f ha Bb

    66. NONI DOG

      This sound is amazing.

    67. Timetraveler 69

      forbidden metal cookies

    68. Cryptid

      *T H E S T A B B E R*

    69. Tapis T

      I thought those were bended while extrusion and then welded at the seam...

    70. Buck 360

      I can look that all the time!

    71. swette PLS like


    72. PurelyDonatedCryptoWallet

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    73. Claudio Silva


    74. Beau Thurman

      Could watch variations of this for hours.

    75. 고르곤


    76. Morthem

      There something satisfaying to watch. I dont what or why. XD

    77. JackTheThinker

      This just gives me vibes that this is one of the containment procedures in SCP.

      1. PneumaticFrog

        *femur breaker noises"

      2. ygslyn


    78. Too Good For You

      Now we know

    79. Kevin Doble

      Dude 🤯

    80. 박정민

      ㅈㄴ편안하네 시바꺼

    81. Preven Moodley Local Artist

      this is so pleasing to watch

    82. TerryTwoToes


    83. Soozann Jr.

      Perfect 👏👏

    84. Suraiya Abidi

      Creator-we will satisfy you with a bunch of variety of shapes😂😂😂

    85. Sameer Kumar Ranjan

      Among us in real life😂😂😂

    86. Kelvin Nueve  (Anime Guitar)

      The math finally made sense now

    87. Brendon Moore

      The kind of useless engineering process we need less of.

    88. Aqil Najmi

      now i know

    89. Fruit Salad

      That is so satisfying

    90. Philslaya

      Oddly satisfying

    91. CanadianCoffeeAddict

      Ooh, you have caught my ADHD's attention

    92. kev pat guiriot

      G e n i a l

    93. emotionally retarded

      Thats excactly how my relatives do me when asking "how is uni going"?

    94. music Studio


    95. aslaket pat

      Dude, and if I put my finger in?

    96. Lexi

      It’s all cool Until you put your finger there

    97. Bad Mash

      Surprisingly entertaining/relaxing 👍🏼

    98. Ezequias Rodriguez

      Imagine putting your finger in the one that goes step stop

    99. Captaincrazy_07

      When I open bag of chips in class

    100. Rajni Bala

      🔥So cool🔥