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    1. Kiran Chand

      Lol its water heater

    2. Nightmare


      1. Nightmare

        Secret massage

    3. green

      Пиздёжь! Если сосиска жарится, то и палец должен жарится!

    4. Jai Bhanot


    5. Jonny Crypto

      Wouldnt the iron in your blood heat up

    6. muhammad azim

      dear man of culture please dont think of something else haha

    7. Bobby H

      No, my sausage can't handle that hole.

    8. Loaey Mossa

      This is a fezexs

    9. Fire owl

      Magnet man stage be like:

    10. Ramana KUMAR


    11. BuddyBot

      Wear a metal ring and put your hand

    12. Neeru Masih


    13. Praveen Chand

      Induction Heating we use in Cam Shaft Hardaning

    14. Ana Oliveira

      Hey, another way to bake hot dogs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    16. 3d giftz


    17. ً

      What if u had a metallic ring 💍💍💍💍💍

    18. Kenjo. L

      in and out hmmmm👌👈😀

    19. Oneia _

      *aaand thats why foreplay is important*

    20. 1 minute


    21. Prawira Bumantara


    22. fact desk

      Tell me plz how do you made this.

    23. Владимир Белов

      Точно, я так шашлык жарить буду

    24. TJ Gaming

      Sir ye mughe chayiye

    25. Shadab Alam


    26. Hitesh Hitesh


    27. Dr. iBolit

      Мини установка ТВЧ без заземлённого металлического кожуха? И пальцы в индуктор суёшь? Чувак, у тебя онколог знакомый есть? Ну и зря.

    28. PaulBaxx


    29. antisatanistas antiterroristas

      Cov19 & 5g 6g

    30. Vishwajeet Singh

      Will u please elaborate????

    31. nhmxA1

      Wha what

    32. Maan Rathod

      How its possible ?!

    33. Sanjay Barman

      Hoke ke liye

    34. Sanjay Barman

      9017320874 bai mane ek battery walk chilam bana de

    35. R.K Singh

      Please bataiye ki isko banate kaise hai ??

    36. Who wants my meat

      Wtf are you doing with my brother 😂

    37. Bonzer Blog

      Cool tool😂

    38. ramesh

      That was my full ericted sige

    39. Black

      Put a ring on your finger

    40. Abhijit Patel

      This simply explains , the magnetic flux can only produce heat in a conductive material via electric current.

    41. Nipa Ebrahim

      Damn that means wolverine is gonna have a hard time in it.

      1. GoUVGo

        Not bad 😂

    42. zeshan haider

      Hy can you share with me a circuit

    43. Riya Codemy TV  ✔


    44. dreamy guy

      Fake tool

    45. MD Shahid

      Do you know what happening in reality electron's are colliding with that particle with the speed of electricity remember not speed of light, cause only magnetic field line's moves speed of light but electromagnetic not cause it's created by electricity! So point is electron collide to that particle that you inserted !

    46. Saleh Mangi


    47. Sahil Sunny

      Alert: Please don't put your finger if you have a metal ring.


      What about the iron in our blood

    49. Manvir auppal

      How to make this and what are the components used. Can we roast or fry leg pcs of chicken

    50. Prasad r.s

      Eddy current heating

    51. Ahmad Khan

      My fav subjet barin open Secinc socil sence

    52. what is cheese?

      Imagine putting your finger in there with metal on your hand

    53. gabriel phthalimide

      Power of eddy current

    54. Lextus

      Your finger made up of uranium?

    55. Taimoor Khan

      Brother i need ur help about induction heating transformers coz i stuck

    56. yrmomgai

      That looks sus

    57. Beru

      blursed glory hole

    58. the_bruh6000

      Finally a short with a title THAT ACTUALLY TELLS YOU WHATS HAPPENING

    59. Krishna prajapati

      Data seet


      That's a good example of induction heating

    61. Pramod Pathak

      Raam naam satya hone mai time nahi lagega

    62. Mυηεsн

      It's a water heater 😅

    63. Afnan Khan pakhtoon

      Whoaa Physics can cook too✔️🤔🤔

    64. SimpChama

      Why did u have to stick that sausage in the hole

    65. David Liermann

      For mature audiences only

    66. Ефим

      Другой палец сунь 🤣

    67. saied fathi

      ملف حث

    68. Roshan Gurung

      M glad it was just a sausage

    69. Ranas ku. Naik

      mutual induction not magnetic

    70. Varijo The tree

      This is a good idea for the future. But in the future we will all be cyborgs

      1. green#7777


    71. Atish Bansode

      Can get this machine

    72. phoenix

      Apka hand metal thori hai jo jalega wo electron ki wajha se kalesha hai

    73. Aayush Rajput

      Eddy current is doing its job

    74. MP Classes

      Induction heating does not heat non Metalics

    75. Rui Silva

      Another overly complicated way to roast a wheener ...


      Lund op

    77. Suhail Ahmad Mir 45.Ag.2020

      Is it producing microwaves

    78. AAN GROUP

      Just wear a metal ring in your finger and put it inside the coil and see the magic

      1. Amit KJ

        Stop being a 10 year old and grow up

    79. patrick_henry


    80. Nishad Kharade

      What about iron present in our body?? it's also a metal.

    81. Utkristh Topwal

      Thats due to eddy currents.Go study science more.we are taught that in 10th grade

    82. Subhan 06

      Boleh jadi mata pelajaran

    83. Solid Mike420

      Cool music lol

    84. vision gaming

      It's double meaning

    85. gilberto castelan

      Como aserlo podrás mandarme información


      Stop making a fool of everyone it's just like a induction stove it only heats up metals not flesh.

    87. Vanezzz Vanezzz

      Нужно было палец с кольцом пихать🤣

    88. Yash Vardhan Pratihast

      Is that how induction cooktop works?

    89. Deepak Sharma

      Try putting your sausage in it

    90. Tarn1981 Tarn

      Hope his curiosity dont get the better of him and ..ya know .....

    91. Aditya Mahar

      😂😂😂 but in india we use it in the daily life

    92. Anik Sharma

      2 min ma kharab ho jaye gi ya road pani ma chal ti hai😂😂😂

    93. Baroxs Strife

      Now I find the way to kill wolfrine... 🤣

    94. Vaughn Gaming


    95. J R C

      The future of cooking hotdogs

    96. Scupplin

      So, that last part reminded me of why I had to go to the clinic last time. Thanks, Marjory

    97. Ayesha Merrydeath

      Did anyone else get a little turned on when he started moving the hot dog up and down

    98. Jim Bob

      Sweet now i donthave to microwave hotdogs anymore.🤣

    99. Josh Witte

      Imagine putting your Prince Albert through that thing