I broke my finger! 😨 (Behind the scenes) 😂 #shorts

Dan Rhodes

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    This one is crazy!

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    1. Norma Beatriz Tambo

      Que tarades.

    2. رحيقم مختوم

      He's a type of person who tries to call celebrities on their official accounts

    3. Fwaz Hafez

      الله 😎😎😎

    4. Epj Telecom


    5. Jhoanna Gordones


    6. Li lee Peh li lee

      What are you kiding me😱😱😱

    7. InsanelyYandere

      Yo its quite obvious he's chewing on something when th3 cracking happens

    8. Kitiyaporn Sonman


    9. Randall64

      The fact that people actually like this guys content is beyond this world. Please elaborate on how you find this entertaining..

    10. هتلر Iraq


    11. Princess pinky Matavia


    12. Izumii

      ninguém tá vendo vc mastigando.

    13. -i_dxisy

      He’s the type of guy to pop a ballon and say, “Where did it go?”

    14. kenzie qwq

      He's that type of guy who make everyone say he's that type of guy

    15. flying eagle

      Even à 5 year old wouldn't fall for that....

    16. Taraji Easterling

      Why everyone saying "He's a type of guy"😕😐

    17. เป็ด DuckHome

      Holy fuck i scream everytime to you do that

    18. rxliza. .

      He's the type of guy to poor the milk before the cereal so his cereal don't get soggy

    19. احمد فؤاد

      ابتغيلو... تلةتبونلووتةةو

    20. احمد فؤاد


    21. Roberta Wells

      You may say it again!!

    22. rey reya

      He's the type of guy who would put a ruler under his pillow to see how long he slent

    23. Deyana Alrubaidi

      It's easy he just made the crunch sound

    24. Sara Neff

      He's the type of guy to tell the teacher that there's homework when the teacher forgot

    25. القناص Kansas of snaebar

      كذب كذب كذب هام هام# عاصر إصبعه

    26. Jean Alberca

      Wag oa sis

    27. AFVP ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ

      All the comments I have seen here are of the "he's the guy that..." type 😐

    28. A Human

      Pov: your searching for a comment that is not "he's the type of guy"

    29. Gretchen Bragger

      The disrespect towards mother mother- /j

    30. Matias Seguel Prieto

      What’s the point with all of this “he’s the type of guy” comment trend tf

    31. Maxwell Brown

      It’s fake! There was noodles in his mouth the whole time

    32. Fatima Cecilia Paniagua Sosa

      No pake

    33. Fatima Cecilia Paniagua Sosa

      Noookioooo pwudyHve pake

    34. BRAYAN Fuentes


    35. WowowDaSawfish

      This is a comment that doesn't start with "He's the type of guy/person"

    36. Dymond Huertas

      That was fake hammer and you actually suck at that and that was bad

    37. rey albert

      heh weh goh

    38. Jorell Meyer

      Soy merio tonto

    39. souga

      وربي حبيت قناته

    40. Nshaat Khalil

      مرة رهيب بس كشفناك 😅😅😅

    41. The Canadian Goose

      Yo he's the reason the power rangers have to say the colors

    42. adriana prato

      Hello OK saludos que tengas buen buenas noches

    43. Viviana Mina


    44. Crispina Santos

      😂😂😂😂. Vc😨😨😨😨

    45. Infabi08 T


    46. Plip Flip

      That's not how I eat my pasta but you do you

    47. Mauricio López

      Mágico mesmo né parabéns para você 🤙🤙

    48. نار فاير

      طيب فمك يتحرك😂😂😂😂😂Well, your mouth is moving 😂😂😂

    49. i r e a l l y d o b e p o p p I n d o e

      He’s the type of person who would eat his own boogers thinking it’s a burger -

    50. Lafaiete Gomes


    51. yo calm down jamo

      Me: I got this new trick I do the trick People: We saw the video

    52. 敗北者Ten


    53. Mark1x.

      How did his finger bend like that ?

    54. Kimora Parker

      The fact he is moving his mouth just gives it all away XD

    55. Red Crewmate


    56. DjLooneyLou

      That was so crazy

    57. Eddie

      He’s the type of guy who chokes on the pasta after doing this

    58. L O K K I E美的音楽

      He's that type of guy who makes people say "he's that type of guy"

    59. Tahira Letford


    60. artic

      ARdevs thumbnails be like: 0:05

    61. Amari Joseph

      Wait for real

    62. Teacher Leandro Silva


    63. 급류

      씹는게 다 보이겠다 ㅈ노잼

    64. Dana Harris


    65. assis tech

      Why all comments are this type of boy watafac

    66. Daniel

      Everyone in the comments, "He's the type of guy..."

    67. Truewee


    68. 2025D1N1E


    69. Aria Lesy

      No one: Everyone: he’s the type of guy who...

    70. Catra Meowmeow

      He the type of person to make sounds when there is a sound

    71. Alan Gongora




    73. Skilar Young


    74. Diana Jensen

      Is also being so fake never mind what u think anyone falls for it

    75. Caren Macias Perez


    76. marva slater

      He's the type of person that wakes up and say "did i sleep?"

    77. Alexander Martin Donets


    78. MR COLD WAR


    79. Meilin Firigua Carvajal

      Más tonto

    80. Olavo Sakagutii

      eu vejo isso e tenho vontade de dar um murro na cara dele, não sei pq

    81. Galactic Lava

      Fun fact: Your looking for a comment that doesn’t start with “He’s the type of”

    82. Neveal Jarrett

      😂😂😂😂➡0 up you🐒🐒 I do Love you

      1. wilma aduca


      2. Neveal Jarrett


    83. Solange Faustino


    84. Lady.Whatever

      Why is this on my feed

    85. sara ismail


    86. Jordan Sims


    87. Oliver Mk

      So Um where do U get a fake hammer😂

    88. Matheus Silva


    89. Cain Fonseca


    90. Kiki do you love me


    91. shaylas recipes

      Wow like we cant see u chewing them

    92. Maddyn Steen

      But that looked fake

    93. Michaelvlogs Player

      Make sure it says fake so people can see it

    94. Coby comillo


    95. Grant Forbes

      I hate this

    96. Prachi Trifaley

      He’s the type of guy who if fell in the shower would grab the water

    97. Ø U B A D Shippuden

      Yeah don't worry nobody saw you chewing

    98. فاضل فاضل

      ااااه مرحبا بك