I Boxed 4 People At The Same Time

Logan Paul

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    A light warm-up for Floyd Mayweather on June 6 ;)
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    I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. JJ Da Bucket

      Check out my Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Parody 😂🔥ITS A BANGER AND BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL FIGHT

    2. Abhishek Verma

      Last one dude is such a sick

    3. Gideon Lyngdoh

      old times: YOU CAN DO IT: new times: SHEESHHHHHHHH SHEEHSHHH

    4. Diego A


    5. Jonathan Crane

      Clickbait. You boxed amateurs and not at the same time

    6. David Garcia

      Logan just because u know how to box and got money u think ur the shit now

    7. Cheater Elxptic

      This man thinks he just one a championship bro just wants clout so bad fighting the gronkowskis and mayweather

    8. DrIVnGame

      Cool now fight Eddy Hall, and just take 1 hard hit and survive

    9. Amy Lapratt

      Papa Gronk..lol 😂 he's probably do proud of his boys. That made me laugh to see him standing there smiling lol

    10. Sxrzy 〆

      Logan u need to keep ur guard up when your opponent jabs go straight in non stop punches doesn’t madder if he punches back just remember that ur still going

    11. Zonde

      Es un insulto al boxeo

    12. Owais Ahmed

      Atleast logan u should have appreciated the fighters who don't know to fight

    13. Verse

      I remember a while ago two old friends of mine and I were sparring they had one glove each because only had 2 pairs let them use 2 hands was funny 😂✌️

    14. marcos andre

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    15. Bob Best

      Hwowon Logan Paul v flowed

    16. Gabriel Dennis

      It’s funny he does this for his last two fight brings in some body or in this case people he pays off to fall over for him they all fought like shit I’ve seen high school fights better than this

    17. Komail Bakshi

      If Logan actully tried they would be in the hospital

      1. Rockstargames Official

        You one of those virgins that support him? Not surprise

    18. Samarjeet Das

      Lol..they are not fighters 😂😂😂u r a squid👾

    19. barry gould

      Will he ever fight anyone over 5foot8 or under 40

    20. Javi Hernandez

      i havent seen you’re videos in a while

    21. samalatight pooper • 39 years ago

      Wow didn’t know that there with this many people that actually know how to fight smfh just stfu and watch the video good lord

    22. Sheff Kane


    23. Chris Santos

      At the same time you mean one at time, you couldn't even do that to Floyd

    24. A Cerv4

      Their father must be really disappointed raising grown men that can’t throw a punch

    25. Constantin Ungureanu

      You suck 4 people at the same time...

    26. Cortes dos Cortes

      Windersomnunes num vai aguenta não se pega esse cara lllllkkkkjj

    27. vex

      Bruh ha ha

    28. fat john

      He knocked him out but couldn’t knock out Floyd

    29. Nicholas Rabuck

      Hi Logan I give u props for fighting Floyd he’s one of the best boxers and u didn’t go down stay strong brotha

    30. Trey Gronkowski

      Where was this energy when you fought flyodYou didn’t hug none of them

    31. seeni gzty

      Mayweather plays Defence Logan plays open and attack so In my eyes mayweather won’t get touched

    32. nichko92

      I aint gonna lie 2 you, but Im pretty sure those 4 guys never boxed in their life before

    33. jm as

      You look so stupid trying to fight

    34. Keanu Reeves

      Ive never seen anyone do that wide of a stance... they r just asking to fall over with their chicken legs and roided upper bodies. Pathetic.

    35. Pat Schumacher

      How many polish guys does it take to knock out 1 ARdevs star

    36. Lucas Sylvester

      You fucking suck

      1. seeni gzty

        Logan Paul: hugged a man for 8 rounds

    37. oiuet souiu

      When fight starts: Let him go logan

    38. Chris Pax

      Pollo! Vergognati !!! Tutto finto!!! Non stavo in piedi 1 round se voleva!!! Finzione !!!!

    39. Motivation&Relax

      You have very good reaction.

    40. Motivation&Relax

      Красавчик хорошо уклоны делает.

    41. Big Boss

      Disgusting people... a fucking circus all this shit

      1. oiuet souiu

        This is staged lol bad acting

    42. Master Sheesh

      Me seeing him on baywatch

    43. ᑢαɱιʅσ ᴀʅ100ʙʀᴏ

      Se van a romper las medias niñas jajaba

    44. VOLUME YT


    45. Gioni Stoican

      Logan ain't that bad but jake is a 🤡🤡

    46. Pro Scoppez

      Why u feel like a boss when you fight against kids With no fighting skills Floyd shit on u

    47. Pete dunne fan

      Cool to see mojo rawley being the announcer LOL

    48. Drip Dog

      Lol sheeeeeeesh

    49. Preston Villeda

      Why do people watch this dude it’s a waste of time

    50. 22mybrozay animations

      Logan Paul: hugged a man for 8 rounds

    51. joseozkar mayorga amezola

      Waoo pero que ridículo de esa persona son las peleas más aburridas todo mal actuado🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. I’m Dy


    53. Rock girl

      “I boxed four other ARdevs ‘bodybuilders’ at once and all of us had ouchies afterwards.”

    54. 𒆙

      Ես սիրում եմ Լոգան պյուլին, ես ուզում եմ, որ նա ինձ խստորեն առաջացնի եւ ամուսնանա նրա հետ, Ես ընդամենը 13 տարեկան եմ, եւ ես տղա եմ, բայց նա այնքան լավ մարդ է: Ես պարզապես գիտեմ, որ դուք ունեք մի մեծ կրծքեր, եւ թույլ տվեք ցատկել է այն.

    55. Duel links Pichu

      This is staged lol bad acting

    56. Ikonik Beast

      Omg, Logan is WAYYYY better than people thought

      1. 𒆙

        @Wserthmar yea ofc

      2. Wserthmar

        @𒆙, do you speak English?

      3. 𒆙

        Ես սիրում եմ Լոգան պյուլին, ես ուզում եմ, որ նա ինձ խստորեն առաջացնի եւ ամուսնանա նրա հետ, Ես ընդամենը 13 տարեկան եմ, եւ ես տղա եմ, բայց նա այնքան լավ մարդ է: Ես պարզապես գիտեմ, որ դուք ունեք մի մեծ կրծքեր, եւ թույլ տվեք ցատկել է այն.

    57. Nitai Puri

      Scripted AF

      1. Rock girl

        5.00 kdr vs -10 kdr

    58. William Luche

      You know it's fake when logan doesn't hug them

    59. RC Jabroni yup

      Not really at the same time.

    60. Barış Özer


      1. Wserthmar

        Why are you using American Internet

    61. White Pull

      Fatality xd

    62. The Vessel Of Satan


    63. Golmir


    64. Peggy S

      Your chin strap was over your mouth

    65. King Bisaya Official

      You're a great fighter bro stay safe and godbless support from Philippines

    66. Blazing Kitsune

      I wanna see him fight Deen the Great

    67. jkwon flores

      Dwarf mamba should be a sports comentaror

    68. Mini Microwave

      At least he didn’t hug them a lot like someone else 👀

    69. Rada Profík


    70. Matthew Ellison

      Can he do it to midnite or more..??

    71. Jonathan GM

      5.00 kdr vs -10 kdr

    72. shyamsundar

      This is more interesting than the one with Floyd..

    73. MaNtEnLo ILegaL

      ni puta idea

    74. OTTOMAN SLAP 03

      I would knock you out in 2mins

    75. immanuel moore

      but i got my money on logan

    76. immanuel moore

      logans knee locks like a but

    77. qopoy dnon

      Alternative title: I sparred 4 people who never boxed one at a time

    78. Sun Tao

      Te haces el bueno boxeando con gente que no sabe al mejor estilo charlie zelenoff JAJJAJAJAJA

    79. The Art Of Ent Loui Red

      That was not good practice.. That's why he lost smh..

    80. Ricardo Zalatiel Mesía Sangama

      Subes a 5 mancos y te crees la gran cosa jajajaja.

    81. MrSugebeltza

      Only a clown

      1. qopoy dnon

        So he went up with people who don’t how to fight 😂

    82. LA TRAMA


    83. Shiro gameplay

      This looks fake lmao just saying he probably paid them to act like there actually given them there all

    84. Tyler saurus Rex

      They might of never boxed but hey Logan is good at boxing and I respect him


      These people aren't even trying to punch him..these people are only a bunch of actors.😑 is this a joke??

    86. 3216 Amanullah

      All these training and being cocky to Hug 6 out of 8 rounds

    87. Manisou Manisou

      Lol fake

    88. Jesus Gabriel Lopez Mercado


    89. Chris Wright

      After watching Logan handle dudes, it just goes to show how good Floyd Mayweather is

    90. Who is with me


    91. Rob H

      Idk whos training him to fight but their trash cant even get the man to properly guard//square

    92. damian smail

      No one cares you arrogant prick ! Your a fucking joke ! All the people laughing , there laughing at you , not with you . Rich or not , you’re an asshole

    93. BlueGodZELite

      So he went up with people who don’t how to fight 😂

    94. SkateToDeath 365

      That wasn’t four people at once🤨I think that says enough about this channel

    95. BLACK FANG

      Logan vs 5 ladyboys

    96. Nathan Natale

      A bunch of nobodies

    97. bäd böy

      How the fuck this clown 🤡 has 23 million subs lol

    98. Marcello Colletti

      I saw you at a restaurant with the gronkowski brothers.

      1. Marcello Colletti

        @Wserthmar i saw him with gronk and gronks brothers at a popular restaurant in Tampa

      2. Wserthmar

        When and where have you seen him

    99. Lisa Welding

      Yeah but when he fight the real deal can’t stop hugging

    100. TactiFugi

      You didn’t box them at the same time. Bullshit clickbait titles. Oh and you lost last night. Hahaha. Got too cocky. Actually thought you could beat Mayweather? No way. Idc if he’s 65. You ain’t beating him. You did go all 8 rounds so I’ll give you that much. In a fight that’s not an exhibition and an actual sanctioned fight, you wouldn’t have gotten the chance bc the roids.