Apple AirTag Teardown! - How easy does it scratch?


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    Its time to take apart Apples new AirTag! Grab your teardown skin HERE: Apple is always comeing up with new ways to dip into your wallet. (Funny how the AirTag doesnt even fit into a wallet) This time around they've built a small $30 dollar tracker that can clip to your suitcase or keys, and will beep for you if you ever need help locating your items. Would you ever spend 30 bucks on a location tracker?

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    1. Ansa Pectoralis

      His jokes were on fire for this one

    2. Musclerocker

      Are these water proof

    3. Scott Ryan

      Is it just me or does anyone else realise that samsung made these months ago

    4. keanu deleon

      Cant you simpliy just remove the tag whwn u steal it??

    5. Justin Rhee

      I'm blown away by the act that they have replaceable batteries

    6. Alex K

      i dont loose my stuff but if i wanted a location tracker id buy this one. none of the competitors have this set of features at the same price. apple did something actually good here

    7. antoni moreno

      Could u do the tv & remote next?

    8. Zombi3 Jacob28

      At 1:05 you can see an Australian $1 coin

    9. 冯清

      Apple's locator is rubbish, and the person who bought it has an absolute IQ problem

    10. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

      For a person who barely lost anything important, this is really unnecessary, Like I’m not gonna put a airbag with my 1 dollar pen 😂

    11. Xander Baco

      I don’t wear a mask because this virus is a joke

    12. Philip Palmer

      The itchy aquarius directly search because group beverly harm afore a adhesive acrylic. offbeat, awful increase

    13. AztՅcNյghtmarՅ

      All that crappy text on the face no thanks I prefer my Samsung one lol

    14. Dawson Dowling

      I did buy one of these

    15. Titan Gaming

      “It would be shorter if finding memo had one of these” LOL HAD ME LAUGHING SO HARD

    16. Matt F

      Never wore a mask unless a business required it 🤷‍♂️

    17. Tim Bakshi

      one thing jerryrigeverything hasnt tore and broke or tested is the Oculus qeust 2, so you tryna test it?

    18. Eric Alfonz

      Can you make a durability test on tab S7 plus please 🥺?

    19. Larry The Llama

      When I get my CRF250F dirt bike imma just put one in it so if it gets stolen I can track it

    20. MASONNET✓

      2:07 don’t forget about the old Apple TV remote


      People: corona vaccine has chip in it Also people: lets buy a 100dollar chip to put on me

    22. Coffee Break

      Can you tear down a Retroid Pocket 2?

    23. Shae

      If you bought an AirTag don't watch this video!

    24. Big Z


    25. Icy Avali

      Finally something that cost 40$ jeez apple is just a place for rich people not a hate on rich people. Apple: 1,000$ to fix your phone screen Apple: 600$ to fix your chager port. Apple: 1,000$ PC 1,000$ PC stand 600$ apple weels Me: apple how much mkney do you need jeez cjillllllllll!!!!!

    26. Joe

      Men that stainless steel back reminds me of the old iPods

      1. Joe

        Those old iPods were super easy to scratch

    27. L N.

      Im ok not wearing a mask. U can stay home in your bubble.

    28. Consta Star

      Yeah was interested how they work

      1. Consta Star

        0/3.2 k oe e

    29. only music

      I feel so satisfying 😂😂😂🤷

    30. Gamer 369

      Bro please send me second hand gaming phone indian

    31. unc0ver

      Why is half of his comments just quotes?? Be original god damn

    32. Vordt

      "Apple Skynet" hahaha

    33. Pepe Marroquín

      Me, after seeing this video: I need one of those tags for those cool skins...

    34. Catable

      Alright ima pay you to hold my keys

    35. Daniel Green

      It could help Apple users find their dignity

    36. sergio

      It’s just money. Ez buy

    37. Pig E

      Sky net! Lol!

    38. Jorge Balleza

      Very salty as always

    39. gamingknight 47

      Can you attach it to anything? Because It didn't look like it had a hole for a Keychain or something

    40. Dakktyrel

      Cell manufacturers already track you with your phone...why not let them track your stuff too. :D

    41. Sodous Dodous

      Do AirPods max

    42. Josh Majana

      The hateful animal concurringly load because tenor subcellularly wriggle under a worthless typhoon. melodic, scintillating afternoon

    43. mohit naik

      Brother please make a video of Samsung S10 LITE.

    44. Giannis Rigas

      This is not the first apple device with a replaceable battery. The first was the apple remote of the apple tv.

    45. vamsi krishna kotha

      If 30 $ for an air tag is expensive , 6.95 $ for a 5 cm diameter dbrand skin sticker is also expensive then !

    46. Sanu Shaikh

      Wtf is this

    47. The Mind of Brick

      The mask comment? Why? How do Non-mask wearers correlate to thieves?

    48. suchethan rao

      So now you have to spend 200 dollars to find your iPhone😂😂😂😂

    49. Tom Lis

      Imagine buying a 20$ skin to put on your fucking bluetooth tag. You're not going to resell it so why do you care if it's scratched up or not?

    50. terui aka kin

      If it had magnet, it’ll fit for multiple pens.

    51. TheRBLXHacker

      Nice, now we can be easily tracked 24/7.

    52. Mahir Daiyan

      Bill gates and microchip

    53. poorlittleguy

      2:33 Jerry:finding nemo could have been easyer if his dad had one of these

    54. Night Raven

      Is it just me that wonder how i fasten thees to my keey chain?

    55. MrJturner74

      For my keys, no. For my electric bike yes.

    56. Sam Najian

      you should do an ultimate human durability test on yourself :DDD

    57. D ariaa

      Waiting for ipad pro 2021 bend test!!!!😎😎

    58. gnotgnot

      1.2k dislikes are from people who do not wear masks

    59. Djhalal Chrome

      made in indonesia?

    60. joenathanz7474

      2:18 Indonesia Pride 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩


      “bill gates and the microchip” i am dead 🤣😂

    62. Usman Khan

      what does he mean iron man level easter eggs

    63. Aaryadev Praveen

      3:38 SPOT the apple logo!


      "Finding Nemo would be shorter if his had this " .

    65. Jonnyahoo

      I mean... there's so much sharp sarcasm in Jerry's words Love it

    66. Felenov-official

      Sadly, this can't help one find motivation

    67. Wildan Fathul Rizqi

      The batteries made in Indonesia

    68. ʟɪᴀᴍ

      Who on earth is gonna pay for a airtag and then scratch it.. Uhm not me 😅😭

    69. Helicard

      I bet more people bought this to track their kids than their keys

    70. Joolz1982

      “Acts like a giant Sky-net” Lol. Or Legion am I right ;).

    71. Seim Old DickHead

      is it legal to put it on a person

    72. Titus Voorspoels

      Hey Jerryrigeverything I Wright a comment in the teardown of the iPhone 12 Pro Can you read and think about it?? Thanks

    73. Ciulik 102

      i would pay max. 10 bucks for one

    74. Zarrar Lodhi

      Petition to change channel name to deeper grooves for 10 million sub celebrations

    75. Morgan Norville

      For $30, the air tag seems like a steal considering how it's instantaneously more functional than pretty much every other tracker.

      1. Expert Opinion

        only if you have an iphone, otherwise it's pretty useless

    76. GhO5T

      I'll never buy anything like that. I'm not that stupid to loose my keyes,wallet or phone.....

    77. Gacheru Mburu


    78. Mitchell Kirschall

      Smart tag samsung??

    79. Karl Henderson

      Right as the video started I said where’s my wallet

    80. Ailsa Ni

      MAN!, your sense of humor is through the roof! Love it!

    81. Pedro Bastozz

      this video scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7.

    82. muhammed haja

      Bro vivo iqoo7 teardown

      1. Ailsa Ni

        ngl if they COULD put a whole ass tracking chip in the vaccine, where can I buy those cuz this shit is kinda big

    83. Lerk

      The Core (no 2) Duo models of the MacBook Pro also had replaceable Batteries (other older laptops probably too)

    84. Taven Brunette

      ooohhhh so its like he back of an ipod

    85. Omkar tannirwar

      I have my gold fish and I have sticked with this airtag

    86. Erkhes Erdene

      It’s 20 dollars so don’t get mad

    87. Edson Pérez

      not funny intro at all dude

    88. soiung toiue

      He's always calmly savage.

    89. Wedabest

      That AirTag was 4 because it didn’t scratch you mean the Apple logo Wow JerryRig

    90. Seif Boumegouas

      Can you imagine what it means when a 160 warplanes, which are the most destructive and advanced in the world, to launch 450 raids in 40 minutes, attacking a besieged area in a specific geographical area? This is what happened last night in the North Gaza Strip. It was like hell in every sense of a word. We can’t believe that the sun has rise again from the intensity and horror of what happened.

    91. Arman Putra

      Battery made in Indonesia. Oh No.... I am Indonesian. I don't think before that product of Indonesia can go international.

      1. soiung toiue

        Can these find my father?

    92. Rahman Vlog

      Mede in indonesia battery

    93. MeBookJava

      4:02 im scared is skynet in that THING???!!!!

    94. subliminalvibes

      I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI, Military, and other Govt agencies banned air-tags within their offices. No, I won't be buying one and I'm not going to lose my keys without one. LoL

    95. JDB745

      But u can get a 4 pack tile for like 60 dollars or something and it works on apple and android. Obviously Apple is asking for more money which I find stupid.

    96. Alain Sylvestre

      Please put Cream on your finger... :)

    97. qopoy dnon

      His sense of humour was next level 😂😂🤣🤣

    98. PHOENIX

      ngl if they COULD put a whole ass tracking chip in the vaccine, where can I buy those cuz this shit is kinda big

    99. Simon Callan

      I have a Tesla so I can’t use the air tag because the Tesla has a key card

    100. Barium Natrite

      steve be like: acidentally flush your gold fish ? fear no more apple air tag is for you!!!!!!!

      1. qopoy dnon

        Well, I suppose if I’m lazy, I could just throw my keys on the table.